Data Science Manager (Remote, Canada) at Collective[i]

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Data Science Manager (Remote, Canada) Collective[i]. At Collective[i], we value diversity of experience, knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives who share a commitment to building a company and community on a mission to help people be more prosperous. We recruit extraordinary individuals and provide them the platform to contribute their exceptional talents and the freedom to work from wherever they choose. Our company is a wonderful place to learn and grow alongside an incredible and tenacious team. . Collective[i] was founded by three entrepreneurs with over $1B of prior exits. Their belief in the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform life as we know it and improve economic outcomes at massive scale drove the decision to invest over $100m in the company which has created a state-of-the-art platform for prosperity that helps companies generate sales and people expand their professional connections. In the last decade, Collective[i] has grown into a powerful community of scientists, engineers, creative talent and more, working together to help people succeed in business. . We are looking for a Data Science Manager to join our team. This role involves leading a dynamic team to drive innovation through advanced modeling and optimization techniques across various domains.. Responsibilities. . . Lead and manage a team of data scientists, providing mentorship, guidance, and support to ensure successful project execution and professional development.. Drive the adoption of advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract actionable insights from large datasets.. Design neural network models for complex problem-solving, emphasizing predictive analytics and pattern recognition.. Collaborate across teams, transforming data insights into actionable strategies to achieve ambitious research goals.. Engage in ongoing research endeavors to enhance the quality of collected data through open-ended exploration and analysis.. Develop, deploy, and evaluate prototypes for perceptual processing, encompassing models, agents, and software.. Conduct thorough analyses of customer behavior data to offer insights guiding sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives.. . Qualifications. . . Expertise in neural networks, deep learning frameworks, and their practical applications.. Experience in data unification, . ETL. processes, and integrating diverse data sources.. Proficiency in data quality principles, including cleaning, validation, and ensuring data integrity.. Strong passion and commitment to AI Ethics.. Who you are working for - About Collective[i]:. Collective[i] is passionate about using ML, RPA and other AI technologies along with a network to automate the myriad of tasks that distract sales professionals from selling and provide timely intelligence that helps to grow revenue. Our revenue optimization engine is one of the most transformative technologies to hit the enterprise since CRM. Founded and managed by the early teams behind LinkShare (purchased for $425m) and Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK), Collective[i] is a private 100% remote company.. Our core values help shape our culture: We are curious. We are direct. We deliver. We succeed together. We strive for the extraordinary. If you enjoy a challenge, thrive in an innovative environment and welcome the opportunity to work with amazing humans operating on the bleeding edge of technology, Collective[i] is the place for you. . Recent press:Forbes: . Stephen Messer: Amazon Missed The AI Boom. CNBC: . Harvard professor on A.I. job risks: We need to upskill ad update business models. ZDNet: . Why open source is essential to allaying AI fears. Information about the founders:Tad MartinStephen MesserHeidi Messer. .