Sr Data Scientist at Globant

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Sr Data Scientist Globant. . We are a digitally native technology services company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale. We use some of the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to empower organizations in every aspect.. . . . Right now, we are looking for Data Scientists to join our team at Globant!. . . . You will get the chance to work in:. . . GenAI Implementation. . Prompt Engineering. . . LLM Tuning.. . LLM Training. . . LLM Architecture Design. . . Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). . . Advanced ML & NLP Models.. . API Development. . . . . What would help you succeed:. . . STEM Degree. . Python Libraries for Data Science such as Pandas, Numpy & Scikit-Learn.. . Advanced NLP Techniques. . API Development with Python and Flask. . Serverless API Development with Azure Functions. . ML/DL Model Training, Tuning and Evaluation. . Multi-Task Learning (MTL). . Effective Communication with Business Stakeholders. . Advanced English. . . . . At Globant we believe that an inclusive culture and a diverse environment makes us stronger. We encourage people to have an inclusive spirit as our global footprint expands. We seek to generate a place of inspiration and growth for everyone. A safe space, based on equity as a value, where everyone's careers can be promoted and developed in the same way. There is no innovation without diversity and there is no improvement without plurality.. . . . This job can be filled from anywhere . #LI-Remote. in Mexico. . . Are you ready?. .