Data Governance at Mindera

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Data Governance Mindera. . Here at Mindera, we are continuously developing a fantastic team, and would love it for you to join us.. As a Data Solutions Architect you will be responsible for building, maintaining, scaling, and integrating big data based platforms. Notwithstanding, you will also be engaged with the Data Science team in setting up and automating the Data Science models/algorithms for production use.. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is passionate about Data and are excited to use different tools to provide data insight for further analysis and drive business decisions.. National and international expected traveling time varies according to project/client and organisational needs: 0%-15% estimated.. Requirements. You're Good At. . Proven track record in designing scalable, highly-performant, and resilient global solutions;. . Strong grasp of and experience with cloud technology, cloud architecture, scalable design patterns, CI/CD, DevSecOps practices, and microservices. . Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills with the ability to design innovative solutions.. . Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in a team environment.. . Familiarity with SAAS implementation and integration.. . You Rock At. . Experience as a . Solutions Architect. and . Data Engineer,. with a strong focus on . AWS.. . . Proficiency in. data warehousing . concepts and multidimensional . data modeling . techniques.. . Strong understanding of . data management . principles, data governance, and data privacy regulations.. . Programming in one or more languages within our data eco-system (e.g. . Python, SQL. ).. . Benefits. The Things We Really Care About:. . Health Insurance, because health comes first. . Flexible working hours. . Open holidays, take the time you need for yourself. . Profit distribution for everyone. . Mindera Annual Trip, Sports, and sharing groups to connect and have fun!. . Training & conferences, create your own training plan. . Child Care vouchers. . Other Good Things:. . Choose Laptop & Peripherals that best suit your needs. . Hotspot with unlimited usage (PT), for work or Netflix ;). . We have amazing offices in Porto, Aveiro, and Coimbra if you want to physically connect with minders. Remote is also an option. Remote from other Countries will depend on your current location and Projects.. . At the offices, we have a wide range of snacks to keep you fed and healthy. . Partnerships with local businesses. . About Mindera. At Mindera we use technology to build products we are proud of, with people we love.. Software Engineering Applications, including Web and Mobile, are at the core of what we do at Mindera.. We partner with our clients, to understand their products and deliver high-performance, resilient and scalable software systems that create an impact in their users and businesses across the world.. You get to work with a bunch of great people, where the whole team owns the project together.. Our culture reflects our lean and self management attitude. We encourage our colleagues to take risks, make decisions, work in a collaborative way and talk to everyone to enhance communication.. We are proud of our work and we love to learn all and everything while navigating through an Agile, Lean and collaborative environment.. Check out our . Blog. and our . Handbook. !. Our offices are located: Porto, Portugal | Aveiro, Portugal | Coimbra, Portugal | Leicester, UK | San Diego, USA | San Francisco, USA | Chennai, India | Bengaluru, India | Cluj-Napoca, Romania | Blumenau, Brazil. Apply for this job. .