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Art Director @ Immutable

$100bn was spent on in-game items last year. $0 went to players. We believe that games should provide more than just entertainment value for the time and money invested. At Immutable, we are combining blockchain technology and gaming expertise to solve this problem. Specifically, blockchain allows players to truly own their in-game items and to sell items for real money. Our goal is to create a technology platform where developers can easily integrate blockchain into their game.

We are seeking an Art Director to lead and manage the end-to-end art development for an exciting new mobile RPG game. This is a contract role (3-6 months),  with the potential to extend the contract or transition into a full time role. 

This is a high impact role where you will be given a high level of autonomy and accountability. Most of your time will be spent in managing a chosen art outsourcing team but you’ll wear different art hats in our team. 

You’d be responsible for:

  • Defining the creative vision, brand and art direction of a mobile RPG game and all in-game and marketing assets (e.g. cinematic trailer, character unboxing animations)
  • Creating a world-class art outsourcing plan which ensures art is product on-time, on-budget and at the desired quality
  • Managing all art-related development being done by an outsourcing team or freelancers, including 2D & 3D assets, VFX, cinematics, website, UX/UI and key art
  • Providing creative and technical feedback to our art outsourcing partners to maintain a consistent and high quality bar for art deliverables
  • Making strategic art recommendations whilst ensuring appropriate collaboration and feedback from the Publishing team

About You

  • You are passionate about overseeing the creation of creative content with an innate desire to get things done
  • 2+ years experience with art direction / art outsourcing, in particular managing art assets in various states of completion
  • You have a strong understanding of the game art development process, limitations and dependencies which may inform planning
  • You’ve managed art deliverables across multiple art disciplines including 3D character development, 2D art, environments, VFX, lighting & shaders and cinematics
  • Proven experience managing a budget whilst delivering quality and accuracy
  • A natural leader who can providing both creative and technical art feedback
  • You are solution focused and resourceful - you will seek improvements in the production process and be able to think ‘outside the box’ to deliver outcomes with minimal resources

About Immutable

In today's world, gamers don't own their digital items. At Immutable, we're all about ownership: using blockchain technology to provide gamers with real and "immutable" ownership, rather than licensing agreements, over the items they've worked so hard to acquire. Powering the world's most popular blockchain games, Immutable builds marketplaces and infrastructure so that game developers can provide better value to their users and introduce free-market economies inside their games.

We are backed by top-tier investors, and have millions of dollars in revenue and more than $25m in venture funding. Our first title, Gods Unchained, is already the number one blockchain game in terms of revenue and assets: we’ve actually sold more in-game assets than all other blockchain games put together. We do a ton of R&D in this space as well - we’re one of the world’s leading experts on the application of this technology to games. Because of this, we are well-positioned to leverage our first-mover advantage and make true ownership of game assets go mainstream.

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