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Blog / Content Writer @ Flux Academy


Your mission as a blog writer at Flux Academy will be to make sure we have comprehensive, informative and exciting blog posts on the topics of freelance web design, web design, and graphic design.

At Flux Academy, we're changing the way freelance designers develop in their careers.

Specifically, we help them learn the skills they need to add more value to their clients, and earn more in return.

We've already helped thousands of designers around the world with our online programs & free content, and we've done it profitably without taking on any investor money.

As a blog writer for Flux Academy, you'll be in charge of:

  • Researching, writing, finalizing and publishing 2 blog posts per week for our website, flux-academy.com
  • These blog posts will cover the following topics:
    • Freelance design
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
  • Each blog post will be comprehensive & genuinely informative at ~2000 words
  • If you love design and writing, then this is a fantastic opportunity to produce exciting content and be part of a fast-growing remote-first design education company with 3000+ students all across the globe
  • Solid knowledge on the following topics:
    • Graphic design
    • Web design
    • Freelance design
  • Confident writing articles, both short and long
  • Has written design-related articles in the past
  • Super strong written English
  • Creative / originality
  • Unique voice / writing style
  • Strong understanding of SEO

As a person, you'll need to be:

  • Excited about graphic design, web design, typography and all things visual
  • Loves to learn new things (and read books)
  • Happy & Motivated
  • Autonomous & Proactive
  • On time & do what you say you do
  • Great communicator (both written & verbally)
  • Very receptive to feedback

Striving for diversity:

Not only is Flux Academy a tight-knit remote-first team (meaning, please consider applying, no matter your location), but we also adopt an "Everyone is welcome" attitude. While still a small team, we already represent a multitude of countries, ethnicities and genders, so do not hesitate to apply!


This is a part-time remote position.


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