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Content Writer @ Tetrate

We are looking for Content Writers who will work cross-functionally with marketing, engineering  product and business operation teams to develop communication campaigns using a full range of channels including  print, digital, and social media platforms. A few examples include, creating blog posts and content for social media to engage our target audience, write email outreach, internal business communications (HR & Finance),  and press releases. You’ll dive into researching various topics and industry trends and produce content on tight deadlines. Thoughtful, clear and engaging communication campaigns that are in tune with Tetrate’s culture, core values, product integrity. 


  1. Fundamentals-based problem solving skills; Drive decision by function, first principles based mindset.
  2. Intellectually curious with a penchant for seeing opportunities in ambiguity
  3. Bachelors or Master’s degree in Journalism, Communications or related field in writing


Location: We are worldwide and fully remote with access to offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Barcelona  Bandung/Tangerang and Jakarta. 

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