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Customer Happiness Hero(ine) @ Fluent Forever

About the job

The Fluent Forever mobile application is the most successful crowdfunded app in history, and for good reason: we are building the most powerful language learning platform in the world. We are looking for key team members who want to be a part of our rapidly growing company.

The Customer Happiness Hero(ine) will support (potential) customers with their language learning goals through all stages of the customer buying cycle, while leaving a positive, lasting impression on them via excellent customer service, utilizing and improving existing resources, and proactively finding ways to make the customer’s day. They will also support our internal team in understanding and meeting our customer’s language learning needs.

We are looking to add two Customer Happiness Hero(ine)s to our team, one of which is a native Spanish speaker fluent in English.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Help customers and resolve their queries via email support and Facebook/Instagram private messages within 24-48 hours of receipt.
  • Engage with our community of language learners, providing assistance and answers via social media.
  • Provide responses to user reviews in the app stores.
  • Handle NPS survey responses and collect and address customer feedback/questions. 
  • Write, edit, and maintain knowledge base articles and customer support resources.
  • Collaborate with the team to support various internal team and customer projects, and work through customer challenges. 
  • Have a proactive approach and always strive to go above and beyond to delight customers.
  • For the Spanish speaking role: the ability to explain common Spanish language concepts to learners.


This is a remote, full-time, long-term position. The salary is $30,000-$35,000 + equity.

About you

Are you able to excel in a startup environment? If you’re a good fit for our team, then the following should sound exciting and awesome, rather than panic-inducing and terrible:

  • You are able to work from home, communicating and collaborating with our international team.
  • You have excellent English language skills, both written and spoken.
  • You know how to own your areas of responsibility, to keep the team consistently updated with your status, and to be flexible enough to adapt to new needs as they arise. We are a growing and rapidly changing company, and as a result, your role will grow and change rapidly as well.



  • You have at least one year of experience in customer-facing roles (such as Customer Support or Customer Success).
  • You are a self-starter with positive attitude.
  • You thrive in a dynamic and fast-moving environment.
  • You have strong attention to detail.
  • You have strong organizational and time management stills, and the ability to prioritize and manage time-sensitive tasks.
  • You are empathetic and love helping others. 
  • Experience working in a remote environment is an advantage.

What we provide

  • We actively work to create and maintain an enjoyable, fulfilling work environment. This is what we find enjoyable and fulfilling: https://fluent-forever.com/pfard/
  • Health care (for U.S. residents)
  • Competitive salary and additional equity based compensation
  • Unlimited PTO (employees are encouraged to take at least 3 weeks/per year of vacation)
  • Work-from-home
  • Flexible work hours
  • Equipment perks
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Language learning perks - e.g. app access, tutor credits
  • Volunteer days and company matched charitable donations
  • Mental Health/Wellness perks


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