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Director of Business Insights & Analytics @ Fabric

Fabric, the one-stop shop for new parents to secure their family's financial future, is looking for a sharp and experienced analytics practitioner to join our team as Director of Business Insights & Analytics.

In this role, you will:

  • Deepen the culture of data-driven decision making across product, marketing, insurance operations, customer experience, and everything else.
  • Lead the analysis agenda to deeply understand our customers, our and their actions, our product offering and experience, what works or doesn’t, and develop future strategy based on that understanding
  • Get **(really)** hands-on with analysis, coding and execution, in addition to managing contractors as necessary
  • Turn the complex data-driven insights you generate into simple communication for the company at large
  • Help the company ask the right questions, and look for answers to those questions in the right places
  • Continue building and scaling our (already formidable) data infrastructure and tech stack to power everything from BI dashboards to deep-mineable ad-hoc datasets
  • Build scalable internal systems and processes that allows the analytics function to deliver maximum insights and impact, the engineering team to deliver product that’s pre-wired to deliver clean data, and the business to rapidly make data-driven decisions

To be successful in this role, you’ll bring:

  • Joy in exploring and solving thorny problems.
  • Bias towards action.
  • Compassion for your coworkers and our customers.
  • Technical expertise on systems, BI infrastructure, tech & reporting stack, etc. Our current stack is AWS everything (Athena, Dynamo DB, Glue) and Domo
  • Several years of experience generating unbiased, pressure-tested, and actionable insights from massive data sets using whatever tool/language as needed (Excel, SQL, R, Python, whatever is needed)
  • Tremendous attention to detail and desire to understand the underlying reality of the business operations, audience characteristics, etc.
  • Several years of experience interfacing both with engineering (as a client for actionable data) and business (as a function to deliver insights) partners
  • Clean and concise verbal/written communication and inclination to work with all teams in the company, to drive action and value from insights
  • Some experience managing teams and/or freelance contractors

What’s it like to work at Fabric?

Fabric is where new parents come to start their family’s financial life. We are a financial technology company that makes it simple, fast, and easy to buy life insurance, create a will, and organize your family's finances.

From electronic signatures to underwriting, engineering is at the core of everything we build. We aim to create humane software that includes only the essential complexity. Like software, we are a constant work in progress, and we believe that personal growth comes from making mistakes and exploring thorny problems. The quality of our work is driven by the diversity of our individual backgrounds and experiences.

Come join us as we re-make a $650 Billion industry and work to improve the lives of millions of families.


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