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Frontend Engineer @ Hash

About this role

We're hiring a senior frontend engineer to join our platform team. In this role, you'll be tasked with pushing fast on features and helping to lead the architecture of HASH's in-browser IDE. We're hiring globally for this role, and are open to candidates looking for remote work on East Coast (US) and London (Europe) timezones.

Demonstrable experience and competence in the key features we need developing are more important to us than prior experience in the specific technologies we're currently using, but we do have a number of firm minimum requirements.


  • Expert-level knowledge of Node, TypeScript, modern React and Redux
  • Working knowledge of MongoDB (or another NoSQL document database)
  • Ability to lead the architecture of a highly-complex web application (our H-Core IDE is a single-screen app that handles complex state from user file-editing and simulation outputs)

Also beneficial

  • Prior experience working as part of a high-velocity remote team
  • Professional experience with any of three.js, plotly, mapbox-gl, or SandDance
  • Experience building out scalable search solutions with ElasticSearch (or its equivalents)
  • Prior experience working with GraphQL
  • Any special interest in UX/UI specifically
  • Interest in the world of simulation or data/decision science more broadly

We don't expect the successful candidate to have all of these things, but be sure to mention any that apply. We're looking for teammates who are biased towards action, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with prototyping work or other exploration to advance understanding and timelines. If you have expertise in a domain that isn't listed, but which you feel is relevant, let us know.

Pay & Benefits

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • 28 days annual holiday
  • A range of location-specific benefits, including access to a 401(k) and fully comprehensive health insurance for those working in the US.


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