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Frontend engineer @ Notabene

We are looking for a Front-end engineer who will help us take our product to the next level. Our customers, global top crypto exchanges, rely on us to provide seamless and automated tools that enable them to manage crypto transaction risk.

Currently, we work mainly with Next.js, React hooks, styled-components, Typescript and GraphQL.

We are following the "Shape Up" methodology with a 3 week dev cycle + 1 week cool-down. The decision on what to build next is based on our customer needs, but the implementation details are left to the development team to decide. 

If you join our team you will...

  • Translate UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the platform
  • Take an active role on both defining how the platform looks as well as how it works
  • Optimize the Notabene platform for maximum speed and scalability
  • Build reusable components and libraries

You're probably a good fit if you have...

  • 5+ years of experience of front end development using Javascript/Typescript) and multiple frameworks
  • Proficient web development with the latest version of React and Typescript
  • Good understanding of React Hooks and CSS-in-JS libraries
  • Advanced CSS skills
  • Experience in building B2B platforms including onboarding. Experience with dashboards is a plus
  • Comfortable working remote in a fully distributed team (our team is based in Chile, New York and Switzerland)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong test-driven development skills
  • A strong foundation in Object Oriented Programming principles and fluency in at least one Object Oriented language
  • A mindset for long-term solutions
  • Curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things
  • Ownership and Accountability. We have a flexible working culture, and expect team members to effectively manage their own time and resources


  • GraphQL experience
  • Experience in Svelte
  • Experience with blockchain, web3, and cryptocurrencies in general
  • Experience with functional programming
  • Experience building resilient, scalable services
  • A history of contributing to the community through code, documentation, mentoring, teaching, speaking, or organizing
  • Enjoys helping development teams grow

As we look to grow our team, what we really value is adding the right person and not just evaluating a group of skill sets. We are happy to hear your story and also to share ours. If you think that Notabene is the company for you and want to start the conversation, apply today. We can't wait to hear from you!


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