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Front-End Engineer @ Replicated

We are looking for a Front-end Engineer to build the user-facing elements of Replicated’s on-premises delivery platform, and the ecosystem of additional tools around it. While contributing to every stage of their evolution, your objective will be to optimize these interfaces for user experience, performance, and stability.

The culture at Replicated is entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and engineering oriented. We value cutting-edge technology and aim to get the most out of emerging open source tools and standards. Our front-end stack includes React, Redux, Javascript, Typescript, Node, Express, GraphQL, and Apollo. You will work with designers and back-end engineers to design, implement, test, and deploy new user experiences, and often also the APIs that drive them. This role is perfect for someone who already has a few years of experience with front-end or full-stack development and appreciates the challenge of building software for our highly technical user-base of software developers.

What you'll do:

  • Work with designers and back-end engineers from prototype to production
  • Build web-based user interfaces for our vendor dashboards, on-premises customer dashboards, open source tools, marketing pages, and more
  • Optimize code for performance and stability
  • Mentor and be mentored

You should have:

  • 2-5 years of professional development experience
  • Solid proficiency with Javascript, React, CSS, and general web development
  • Excellent technical communication skills

Other things we're looking for:

  • Strong, well reasoned opinions on technology
  • Open source contributions (code, bug reports, community support)
  • Back-end development experience
  • SQL skills
  • Graphic design experience

About Replicated:

Replicated provides the tools for software companies to operationalize and scale the delivery of their Kubernetes-based applications to enterprise customers using a “modern on-prem” methodology. We're working to improve the overall state of Enterprise Software by making it simpler for innovative teams to sell to large Enterprise customers without shifting focus away from their core products. 

We are a Series-A stage startup with great customers, including HashiCorp, Gradle, Snyk, Sysdig, CircleCI, Wickr and many others. We care a lot about automation, and strive towards continuous deployments of our microservice repos on each merged pull-request.

We're a small team (14 engineers) led by two insightful and dedicated founders, who were early to recognize that container orchestration could become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Almost half of the Fortune 100 companies already manage applications using Replicated, and customer satisfaction and retention is very high.

Our open-source KOTS (Kubernetes-off-the-shelf) project is a good example of our work. 


Replicated is committed to cultivating an efficient, respectful workplace. We provide strong health and dental benefits, mandatory vacation, and are eager to advance the skills and careers of our employees. We encourage applicants of all backgrounds and we work to make sure that all team members have an equal opportunity to succeed.


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