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Frontend Engineer @ RevenueCat

As frontend engineer, you will collaborate with our product, design, backend, and data teams to deliver features that help developers using RevenueCat to make more money.

About us

RevenueCat is an API that makes selling subscriptions in your mobile app easy. We launched as part of Y Combinator's summer 2018 batch and today are handling subscriptions for more than 3 million mobile subscribers, and are the subscription infrastructure for thousands of apps. We are a mission driven, remote-first company that is building for the long term.

About You

  • 3+ years working with frontend web technologies
  • You've shipped 1 user-facing, frontend product in React
  • You have strong fundemental understand of user experience principles
  • You have deep empathy for the user
  • You are more interested in the practical and functional, than the "beautiful" and fragile

In the first month, you'll

  • Ship your first changes to our dashboard, likely in your first few days
  • Learn how our frontend is built, maintained, and deployed
  • Fix a handful of annoying UI bugs to get your feet under you

In the first three months, you'll

  • Own and ship a new UI heavy feature to our developers
  • Gain confidence in tackling most tasks in our code base
  • Have suggestions to improve the way we ship frontend features
  • Have coordinated closely with our backend team to shape APIs to drive frontend features

In the first six months, you'll

  • Help hire and onboard new engineers
  • Have reshaped large parts of the frontend codebase and process
  • Have shipped new, non-dashboard web apps that help developers

Within the first twelve months, you'll

  • Be the most knowledgeable engineer on how our frontend works
  • Have a roadmap for big improvements we need to make to how we deliver frontend
  • Be able to jump into almost every area of the codebase and feel confident about making changes and improvements
  • Devise and implement a testing strategy to help us ship faster

What We Offer

  • San Francisco salary no matter where you're located, plus options for lower salary and more equity, or higher salary and less equity
  • Employee health, vision, and dental plans (for US-based workers)
  • Unlimited vacation, remote work, and WFH
  • A wellness-focused, long-term oriented work environment

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