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Full Stack Developer @ Penji

Universities are in desperate need of modernization - Penji helps them with the critical area of student support. Our platform integrates with tutoring, coaching, and advising programs to scale up these personalized services. We’ve signed deals at 25 universities in the last 12 months like Rutgers, University of Georgia, and Vanderbilt. We are looking for a full stack developer to join our small remote team.

You’ll be working alongside our CTO, contributing across our whole stack including:

  • A React Native app (iOS, Android, Web) that students and tutors use to schedule, manage interactions, and chat
  • A React admin app for visualizing and managing a center’s activity
  • Our backend systems that integrate with university systems

You’ll also help in experimenting with innovative tutoring modes while expanding existing features like appointments, drop-in, and kiosk.

How you’ll be interviewed:

  • You’ll send us your GitHub or other profile and any material about your skills
  • We’ll review some tech questions related to your experience and also areas in our stack
  • You can ask us any questions or things you’re curious about
  • We’ll do some hands-on coding especially with React

We want to learn more about:

  • A React Native app you helped release
  • Or your contribution to an open source project
  • Or how you earned your StackOverflow reputation
  • Or a presentation, article, or demo you made
  • Or some cool tech you worked with recently

How you’ll work:

  • Ship features each week across all our apps and platform
  • Participate in daily standups and weekly prioritization meetings
  • Work with our university partners to improve and expand their programs with new modes and features
  • Meet up in VR for a round of minigolf!

The stack you’ll work with:

  • Language - JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Frontend - React, React Native, React Native Web, Redux, Parse
  • Backend - Node, Parse Server, Cube JS, Heroku
  • Data - MongoDB, Firebase, BigQuery
  • Testing - Appium, Jest
  • Tools - Slack, Trello, GitHub, Loggly, JupyterLab, Azure DevOps, Docker

Within 1 week you’ll:

  • Set up your local environment
  • Work on a good first issue and ship it

Within 1-2 months you’ll:

  • Work together on at least one large project released to production
  • Understand overview of systems and integrations
  • Help debug and triage user-facing issues
  • Propose ideas for our roadmap

Within 3-6 months you’ll:

  • Own large features and new integrations in production
  • Sketch out and review new products and get feedback from university partners
  • Collaborate on defining priorities and have deep understanding of student and partner needs

What we offer:

  • 401K with 3% match, and another 2% match of 50%
  • Health Insurance Reimbursement
  • 15 Days Vacation, Unlimited Sick Days

Colleges are feeling intense pressure to modernize, and Penji has found a customer-base that is motivated and excited to collaborate on building the future. It’s been a really great year and we’re just getting started. We’d love to welcome you to the team!

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