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Full Stack Rails Developer @ HelloText


HelloText is messaging for everyone, made simple.

We’re re-imagining how small businesses and retailers engage and communicate with their audiences through all their channels (SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, FB) by offering a single omni-interface. We aim to become the simplest and most loved communication tool for the job.

This is an established business that is expanding on its strategy and vision as a long-term goal. HelloText is looking for a candidate who is interested to commit to a long-term position. This is an ideal opportunity if you work remotely and you are seeking a stable opportunity.

We love great design and great code and we believe this is our most important leverage. We put a lot of attention to detail in all stages of the product. Consider applying if you enjoy writing beautiful and organized code that reads almost as poetry.


About the position

You'll be the lead developer of the product working directly with the founder and you will have a great deal of autonomy. You will be responsible for implementing the general roadmap of the product.



Your day to day responsibilities will include:

  • Implementing the new frontend (likely using Rails Hotwire).
  • Implementing documented designs and features from Notion/Sketch/Github into Rails with Slim/Saas/Tailwind.
  • Building new features and functionality both on the frontend and the backend.
  • Connecting external third-party services and APIs such as communication channels, or messaging providers.
  • Helping scaling up by being able to perform benchmarks and optimizations when needed and propose architectural design changes.
  • 3+ years of solid experience in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.
  • Solid experience with PostgreSQL, dealing with large databases with hundreds of millions of records, complex queries, creating materialized views, etc.
  • Preferentially (but not exclusively), a formal Engineering or CS background.
  • Familiarity with design patterns, DDD (Domain driven design), SOLID principles and algorithms.
  • API design and software modeling, OAuth 2.
  • A good sense of aesthetics and product design and be able to improve flows and UI designs on your own so you can add value to an already solid and consistent UI in the works.
  • Of course all common stack tools/technologies: Github, CI, Rspec, AWS, CSS/Sass/Tailwind.
  • Salary: $50,000 — $75,000 annually (USD dollars).
  • Great autonomy, freedom and stable long-term position.
  • This is a remote position. You can work from any country/timezone.


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