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HR Manager @ Nightwatch

We are looking for an experienced and emotionally mature HR person to join our fully remote organization to help us build a high performant and friendly environment. We are looking for an open-minded, self-aware, and perceptive person who is enthusiastic about technology, the internet, and exceptional at working and relating to other human beings.

We are growing an organization, which is utilizing self-organized ways of collaborating and getting work done. For this reason, your job will not be a typical HR structured around well-defined processes, but it will be more oriented towards supporting and educating the teams.

What is it going to look like
  • Daily communication with the team.
  • Addressing the needs of people and their potential for personal and professional development.
  • Encouraging individuals and teams to collaborate and communicate.
  • Organizing and taking care of the payments and the invoices.
  • Coming up and implementing improvements in the work-flow.
  • Communicating with the accounting team.
  • Taking care of on-boarding new people in the team.
  • Enjoying flexible working hours.
  • Solid experience with HR.
  • Experience with working in a remote company.
  • Native or fluent English speaker.
  • Attention to detail and fast learning skills: you can learn fast.
  • Great communicator and writer.
  • You enjoy writing notes, documentation, and specifications in a way that is easy to understand.

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