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iOS Developer @ The Agile Monkeys


About us

We (The Agile Monkeys) are a team of full-stack senior software engineers offering development services that focus on serverless applications, microservices, and event-driven architectures. We are distributed across North America and Europe. What sets us apart is our relentless focus on high-quality engineering.

We are defenders of common sense at work, which in summary means the absence of norms such as predefined work schedules or location in a given office. Our philosophy is to work remotely, trust in people and their work, and have a team to support each other.

You have more information about us right here: https://www.theagilemonkeys.com.


About the job

We are looking for pragmatic, proactive iOS developers with a good level of English, who know how to write clean and high-quality code in Swift/Objective-C, are comfortable using UIKit, love looking for creative solutions, and understand the product side.

If you aren’t familiar with those technical tools or languages, but you have knowledge or expertise using something similar, don’t hesitate to apply. Energy and capacity are much more important to us than experience or even knowledge. We strongly believe that smart and energetic people can acquire those.


Years of experience needed.

We don’t believe in that. The person should be able to demonstrate knowledge and some experience in the areas we mentioned in the requirements section. We are looking for someone long term, and we admire creativity and energy more than decades of experience.



Negotiable. We are trying to figure this out. But it’s our objective to have happy people that are comfortable with the money that they make. That’s where we start.



Remote. The person should be located between GMT + 2 and GMT -7


It is not about having a lot of years of experience, but we want someone who doesn’t need to learn everything from scratch and comes prepared with thoughts and ideas to: 

  • Swift programming language.
  • Objective-C.
  • UIKit.
  • Good English level.


Other requirements or skills

  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proactivity.
  • A creative mindset.
  • Team playing.
  • Ability to visualize the bigger picture, as well as the fine details.



  • SwiftUI.
  • Multiplatform app implementation (iOS-macOS).
  • Android.


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