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Principal Data Scientist @ Aware Healthcare

Job Overview

  • Position: Principal Data Scientist
  • Industry: Healthcare & Wellness
  • Focus: Data pipeline architecture, feature extraction
  • Commitment: Full-Time
  • Trial Run: 1-2 months part-time (to test mutual fit)
  • Location: Remote
  • Compensation: Competitive salary and equity commensurable with experience
  • Experience: 5+ years relevant experience

Job Description


You are a data scientist -- soon to be known for building the “thermometer for the mind”: a system that encompasses...

  1. streaming smartphone sensor data providing measures of human behavior,
  2. batched electronic health records providing measures of health outcomes, and
  3. state-of-the-art algorithms that map #1 to #2

... in order to get substance-use disorder patients the help they need at their most critical moments of recovery.


You’re excited about changing the way we manage mental healthcare, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Your modeling expertise is broad - you’re familiar with a wide variety of modeling approaches, and you have a depth of intuition to choose the right approach for each task. You keep the end goal of delivering customer value in mind. This means you seek and respond to customer feedback about your outputs, and you navigate your approach towards results. You’re more focused on results than tools - though you stay abreast of exciting developments in machine learning, you’ll use a simple approach if it’s the right one for the job.

You’re familiar with best practices for codebase management and data security. You’ll create a codebase that is well-documented, elegantly designed, and easy for others to use. And you have a security mindset, which you’ll apply to ensuring that our handling of sensitive data meets the highest standards.

You’re a visionary who will influence the future of data science & analytics at Aware Healthcare. Your understanding of our goals and of the possibilities of statistical inference will guide our product development, and direct our collection of data. You are excited to effectively manage new collaborators as our data science team grows.


  1. Design and build our core algorithms.
    1. Design and train models that predict key targets (e.g. substance-use relapse).
    2. Combine datastreams from disparate time-scales (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.) with data from electronic health records, to build a real-time predictive system.
  2. Deliver data insights to customers.
    1. Produce insights in a timely manner to ensure our delivery schedule is met.
    2. Seek feedback from customers and rework algorithms and strategies accordingly.
  3. Organize and manage our data science codebase.
    1. Keep all code updated in well-organized and documented git repository.
    2. Manage others’ contributions to the codebase.
  4. Act as “Chief Privacy Officer” for analytics and pipelining of data.
    1. Know best practices and regulations for working with sensitive health data.
    2. Work with data science team, research team, and software team to implement security practices during data exploration and processing.
  5. Take leadership of the data science team.
    1. Ensure the success of interns and other team members under your guidance.
    2. Help decide which roles to hire for as the project grows.
  6. Set strategy for our data science department.
    1. Use experimental design considerations to shape our product, considering what data types we need and what we can predict from them.
    2. Add your vision for how our products could grow and evolve.

Required Qualifications

  1. Expert Python programmer, extremely proficient with the scipy stack (e.g. numpy, pandas, sci-kit learn, and matplotlib)
  2. Broad and deep knowledge of machine learning algorithms, with a strong sense for which techniques fit a given situation.
  3. Demonstrated ability to develop novel approaches to inference problems.
  4. Experience working with version control tools such as git.
  5. Extensive experience communicating technical findings to non-technical stakeholders.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Knowledgeable about securely handling sensitive data; experience working under a data security agreement (e.g. HIPAA BAAs).
  2. Experience analyzing streaming, high-volume, noisy datasets, especially data from smartphones and wearable devices.
  3. Previous contributions to enterprise-level software or analysis codebase.
  4. Previous experience as an early employee at a fast-growing tech startup.
  5. Leadership experience (hiring contractors, managing interns, etc).
  6. Experience with cloud computing.
  7. Experience in experimental design.
  8. Experience analyzing electronic health records.


Who We Are: Aware Healthcare Inc.

Our Mission

Aware Healthcare is on a mission to build the “thermometer for the mind”: a digital medical device that delivers real-time measures of clinical risk to providers, about their patients, at the moments they need it most.

The current gold-standard of evaluation in psychiatry are pen & paper surveys that provide subjective, episodic, high-burden, and clinic-based measures of risk. Our thermometer allows providers to check the ‘mental temperature’ of their patients — in an objective, continuous, ecological, and passive fashion — at any time.

Our Vision

With our thermometer, providers know who needs help, and when they need it. Not only does this shine light into the black box that currently defines life outside the clinic, but it allows providers to deliver just-in-time interventions to patients before it’s too late. Trust in providers grows when patients know they’re being looked out for. Population health flourishes when high-risk gets detected early. Per capita costs plummet when rates of readmission are reduced. Welcome to the triple-aim of healthcare.

We envision a world where we all have the vocabulary to describe how we’re mentally feeling; self-awareness to identify when we’re heading down a dark path; and tools to get help in minutes not weeks. We can’t manage what we don’t measure, so we see no more important problem than this for technology in healthcare.

Our Why

We are starting with addiction for several reasons. For one, it seems we’ve all been affected by or lost friends and family who have struggled with this chronic disease. Two, addiction is the most costly, preventable, and unmanaged disease in America; costing our nation over $700 billion per year and leading to over 70 other comorbid medical conditions. Three, most digital health companies have run away from addiction, because they see the problem as ‘too hard’; the patients as ‘unmanageable’; the suffering as ‘inevitable’. With over 16% of Americans meeting criteria for clinical addiction, and another 32% classifying as risky users, we see this as too big of a problem to ignore.

Join us in redefining what it means to know thyself, reconsidering how we measure population health, and revolutionizing the way we manage mental healthcare. Join us at Aware Healthcare.


How We Will Collaborate: Culture & Values

Work Culture

We’re a small team looking for someone who’s passionate about democratizing self-knowledge; relentless about getting help to those who need it most. You should be comfortable exploring outside your comfort zone; be ready to learn and constantly take on new challenges.

You should be known by your colleagues for never compromising on quality, while always moving quickly. On our team, no one is expected to know everything, but everyone is expected to be capable of learning independently, and applying that knowledge effectively.

This is a fast-paced role with many concurrent responsibilities, and it comes with a great deal of ownership. Chances are you will grow more in this role than any other role of your career. This idea should excite you, rather than scare you.

Team Values

Being on the Aware Healthcare team means you...

  1. Take ownership: the buck stops at you; you are individually responsible.
  2. Are proactive: you take initiative; identify problems before they happen.
  3. Embrace risk: take courageous & calculated risks; no one gets banished for making mistakes.
  4. Are radically candid: you expect truth and nothing but the truth; give & take constructive criticism.
  5. Have a growth-mindset: we believe you can always be better & you should too; no one has ever ‘made it’.
  6. Are insatiably curious: you have a desire to understand the world that can never be fully satisfied.
  7. Practice humility: you don’t know everything and you never will; embrace that and learn.
  8. Focus on humans: always feel into the human experience at the other end of the machine.
  9. Are playful: you work hard, laugh hard, and crack jokes in meetings.
  10. Think slow: you choose careful deliberation over brash decisions.


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