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React Developer @ Seedlang

About the role

As a full-time front-end engineer, you will be working on a complex interface that combines short video clips, audio recording, and flashcard animations. You will be working on both our website and our mobile app. We are looking for people who take ownership of their work and are not happy with a feature until it makes the product a better experience for all users.


  • 3+ years professional experience with React.
  • Proficient with CSS.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Highly independent and self motivated.
  • Preferably: Experience with mobx, babel, and a front-end test suite such as jest.
  • Ideally: Experience with React Native and/or Ruby on Rails.

About us

At Seedlang we are passionate about working at the intersection of education and technology. It is our mission to help people succeed on the difficult journey of learning a new language in a fun and effective way. We believe in bringing together innovative technology and authentic language learning content, produced by real people using real language.

Our team is small but dedicated. We are working on a big challenge that we have ourselves experienced, both as learners and teachers. Seedlang has been founded by Jeremy in 2015 as a response to his struggle with learning German after moving to Berlin. He was later joined by Cari who has been teaching German through her Easy German YouTube channel.

What we offer

We offer a competitive salary, equity in our company, flexible working hours, and a lot of autonomy regarding how you do your work and how you structure your day. You will be given responsibility and have ownership of your tasks. We are, of course, there to support you as you need.

And because we are as much a content company as a technology company, we are an interesting and diverse group of characters. We want to do great work, but we also want to have fun while doing it. We hope you will want to join our unique bunch of misfits!

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