Senior Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor at Synthesia Ltd.

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Senior Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor Synthesia Ltd.. . Senior Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor. . Europe. . Great to have you here – thanks for checking out this role.. . TL;DR:. we are looking for a Senior Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor to lead the post production of. best in class. social media ads. that will be seen by millions of people. If you instantly get ideas on how to upgrade a bad direct response ad when you see one, this one might be for you. If you also know what a social media video production set looks like – this ones definitely for you.. . This is not a usual job description, but there is a good reason for that.. . It’s going to take you 5 minutes to read it, but it is 100% worth it.. . Let us explain.. . Over the past 100 years, media production went through cycles of innovation that impacted the production, distribution, and consumption of media in ways that we couldn’t predict.. . Things are changing quickly, technologies grow and evolve in multiple waves.. . One way to think of the development of technologies is that it usually starts small and slow. There’s an early stage where the technology doesn’t quite work yet and it doesn’t look like it’ll be very useful or important.. . But then it reaches a point where the growth accelerates upward. From the time when it was kind of a crazy idea, it moves into a time of excitement and growth.. . Everything starts to work.. . At Synthesia,. we believe the future of media is synthetic. . After 6 years of research and a roller coaster ride of successes and failures, Synthesia is now the leading brand in AI video production with over 50,000 customers to date.. . Yet we are just laying the groundwork for a whole new kind of media. Imagine joining Uber, Airbnb or Stripe when these companies were just getting started. That’s how early we are.. . About this position. . In this position, you will become a part of our marketing team and will be working closely with our creative strategist on leading the post-production of best-in-class social media ads. At the same time, youll be guiding and providing art direction to other motion graphics designers on the team.. . You will help the team deliver multiple new ads a week, by transforming initial concepts & scripts into eye-catching and market-leading social media ads. However your job wont be just about knowing how to use Premiere or AE, but also about understanding the purpose of the video, researching direct response best practices & trends on how to keep people engaged and actively collaborating in the script creation process.. . To add to excitement you will also have a say in how ads are produced since youll have the option to attend production days where the raw material for ads is shot.. . Skills and requirements. . . Experience with creating eye-catching, scroll-stopping direct response ads that bring revenue – are effective (proficient in Premier, AE). . You think beyond the video script – details like small animations, sound design, special eye-grabbing effects, and flow of the video; this is what separates the best from average ads. . Experience with working in high-performance paid media teams. . Experience with 3d is a plus. . Knowledge of design principles and experience with creating designs from scratch (we have designers in-house, but you should be proficient in Photoshop, Figma or Canva). . When you see a video you know how to make it better and give productive feedback to another motion designer/video editor. . You know what a social media video production set looks like. . Passion for everything related to video and new video trends (i.e. Instagram / Tiktok style of producing and editing videos). . You’re a self-starter: if you get a cool idea for a video, just do it (you don’t have to ask for permission here at Synthesia). . You bring good energy to the team and are independent and accountable. . . At Synthesia we expect everyone to:. . . Be an owner.. . Focus on outcomes over Inputs and Plans.. . Make the journey fun. . Default to simple.. . . You can expect in return…. . Competitive base salary + stock options in our fast growing Series C start-up.. . Remote. first work environment. . 25 days of annual leave. . Regular socials and company retreats.. . A generous referral scheme.. . A huge opportunity for career growth as youll help shape a market-defining product.. . Private medical insurance through Axa for colleagues in the UK.. .