Croatian Search Ads Evaluator in Croatia at Appen

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Croatian Search Ads Evaluator in Croatia Appen. Application Deadline. Salary Range. Job Type. October 13th, 2023 . Less than 1,000 US$ per month . Part Time. Location Availability. Skills. Years of Experience. Croatia . Search Evaluation . 0+ . Job published on September 13th, 2023. Become a Search Evaluator!. Interested in improving the relevance of search results? As a search engine evaluator, your job is to analyze content, images, video, and/or advertising to identify if it’s relevant and if so, how relevant it is to a specific topic. With your help, the accuracy of search results will be increased creating a better web experience for all.. What You Can Expect:. Short-term commitment, potential to work long-term. Flexible work schedule to suite your lifestyle needs. Some projects may ask you to work a designated number of hours each week. Qualifications:. Experience with web browsers, web pages, search queries, and search tools to navigate and evaluate content. Broad interest and current knowledge of social media and the internet. Native speaker, reader, and writer in Croatian. Currently residing in Croatia. Join the fun with AI Technology! Become an Appen Contributor!. “Appen has a diverse, inclusive culture that is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.”. Interested? Apply now!. You have until October 13th, 2023 to apply..