Data Collection Participant – Freelance at Telus International

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Data Collection Participant – Freelance Telus International. Application Deadline. Salary Range. Job Type. October 7th, 2023 . Less than 1,000 US$ per month . Part Time. Location Availability. Skills. Years of Experience. Germany . Data Collection . 0+ . Job published on September 7th, 2023. Join us in an exciting and rewarding opportunity to contribute to technological advancement!. TELUS International is seeking individuals with smart devices to participate in our data collection study, “Spoofy-Doo.” This project is dedicated to enhancing the recognition capabilities of artificial intelligence technology systems.. Project Details:. As a participant in the “Spoofy-Doo” project, you’ll engage in creating images and videos that simulate security camera footage within predefined scenarios. Your role involves following our guidelines and examples to imitate movements within a room, potentially including wearing disguises such as masks.. Responsibilities:. Generate images and videos mimicking security camera recordings according to specified scenarios and guidelines.. Perform movements and actions within a designated room environment, adhering to project requirements.. Time Commitment:. The expected time commitment for this role is approximately 3 hours per person.. Requirements:. Reside in the designated country or possess the legal right to work there.. Access to a smartphone or device meeting video quality standards (minimum resolution of 1080p, preferably 4k). If using a tablet, it should not be older than four years.. Non-Essential but Helpful:. Tripod, selfie stick, or phone stand for steady recording.. Bluetooth remote for hands-free control.. Please note that any images or videos containing sensitive information, illegal activities, nudity, or inappropriate content cannot be shared with us and will not be accepted.. If you’re intrigued by the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge AI technology, we invite you to explore further details and register using the link below:. Join us in the “Spoofy-Doo” project and be a part of shaping the future of technology!. Interested? Apply now!. You have until October 7th, 2023 to apply..