Japanese Transcriptionist at Appen

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Japanese Transcriptionist Appen. Application Deadline. Salary Range. Job Type. April 28th, 2024 . Less than 1,000 US$ per month . Part Time. Location Availability. Skills. Years of Experience. Japan . Transcription, Transcriber . 0+ . Job published on March 29th, 2024. Join Appen today and become a contributor for transcription project!. This is a great opportunity for Native Japanese Speaker!. 📌. Project Description. :. This is an on-going project on the Appen 9 Platform, which is another platform that Appen is using. Participants will do transcription of short audios. A qualification test is required, and we will give you training before starting. The purpose of this task is to help improve the quality of machine learning and help build a better AI.. 📝. Project Application Process:. 1. Click link below to read task description. https://connect.appen.com/qrp/public/project?type=transcription&utm_campaign=Remoters_rsolis_JP. 2. If interested, click “Start now!” then choose whether to create an account or login your existing Appen Connect Profile.. 3. IMPORTANT: COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE. Then opt-in to Appen China Platform (Under “Profile” Button) using the same credentials you have on Appen Connect.. Here’s a guide on how to create a profile in Appen Connect:   . https://crowdsupport.appen.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408022443156-How-do-I-create-a-profile-in-Appen-Connect-VIDEO. Appen China Opt-in Guidelines:. https://connect.appen.com/qrp/public-files/emails/2022/10/Quick_Guidance_to_Opt-in.pdf. We are extremely excited to have you join the Appen 9 Crowd and participate in the Project!. Benefits and Perks. What You Can Expect:. - Remote/Work From Home. - Flexible working hours. - Earn while you are working full time or studying. Interested? Apply now!. You have until April 28th, 2024 to apply..