Senior PPC Consultant / Manager (full time, remote) at Flow SEO

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Senior PPC Consultant / Manager (full time, remote) Flow SEO. Application Deadline. Salary Range. Job Type. October 4th, 2023 . From 5,000 US$ - 7,000 US$ per month . Full Time. Location Availability. Skills. Years of Experience. Europe, North america, Central or South America . Google Ads, Bing Ads, Performance marketing, PPC strategy, Search ads . 5+ . Job published on September 18th, 2023. You are currently working as a PPC consultant in a digital marketing agency. Things can get quite hectic as clients and team members turn over often. Deadlines are always tight and the sales pressure is high. You have spent one to many nights in front of your screen  and you are looking for something new.. 2020 might. have been the first time you worked from home and you found it very enjoyable. You easily organized yourself and enjoyed the freedom to make your own schedule. This is where . Flow. comes in. . You Want More Creativity. Flexibility. Flow.. We are . Flow. ,  a remote-native search marketing agency. We have built our agency around the principles of flow – that illusive state of being in the zone where we feel our best and perform our best. We have given up on the hustle doctrine and have grown our agency organically by inbound marketing and referral.. Is this you?. You are in the trenches, do the hard work and have first hand experience of implementing successful PPC campaigns in Search and Paid Social. . You are a pro at campaign strategy, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, remarketing and Display. Ideally Paid Social on Facebook and LinkedIn. Spreadsheets never scare you and you love data analysis. You know how to handle Google Tag Manager and common CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce.. You are looking for a job with flexible hours and holidays where you can turn off notifications.. You are a digital native. You know Slack, Asana, Gsuite, Ahrefs and SEMrush inside out (or you know it will be easy for you to jump into new tools). . In short: You are eager to make things happen and join a powerful team whilst enjoying your private life, hobbies and relationships. . Job . Details. Full time position.. Full time means 130 working hours per month or 7 working hours per day.. 25 days of holidays per year. . Plus 4 Fridays off in August.. Plus all your National Holidays off.. The role will be remote. We are looking to hire Europe and the Americas to have sufficient overlap in time zones.. Success in the role means paid lead generation success for clients, increased client happiness, meeting all client deadlines, successfully managing your PPC responsibilities with the support of the SEO team.. Responsibilities and Duties. Account management and client communication. . (There are no designated account or project managers, this is you!). Execution of the PPC work for your clients.. Project management of your client campaigns in our project management tool Asana. This includes receiving copy, assets and campaign details from the client.. Owning client deadlines and delivery of PPC work, incl. interfaces with the SEO team.. Streamline and improve PPC processes, client communication and reporting.. Weekly and monthly ad reporting: Update monthly reports, as well as provide a weekly dashboard for clients.  . Verify conversion tracking within Tag Manager and Google Analytics. . CRO (conversion rate optimization) and A/B Testing recommendations for clients. . Create landing page briefs to guide clients on updates and recommendations for new testing.  . One-off PPC projects for clients as needed.. Qualifications. Native-level English. Ideally, but mandatory: Proficient in German.. Almost all work, client and communications will be in English. But we have a few clients in DACH.. At least 5 years of PPC experience with a focus on Google Ads and lead generation for B2B.. Channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Display, remarketing as well as Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. Strong in Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, conversion tracking and data analysis for ad reporting and conversion tracking, incl. common CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce.. Experience in recommending and managing A/B Testing using  tools such as Google Optimize, Optimizely, or others. Proficient in CRO (conversion rate optimization) and a strong understanding of best practices for B2B lead generation CRO. . Excellent client management and presentation skills.. Excellent self-organization in a remote work environment.. Excellent ownership for results by being proactive, finding solutions, communicating openly, introducing new ideas and improving our processes.. Bonus. : Active on LinkedIn or looking to become active.. Benefits and Perks. Who We Are. Flow. is a remote-native search marketing agency. We are specialized in B2B, so search marketing for software startups and B2B service providers. Our clients include MailCharts, Betterworks, Beekeeper, Aroflo, Uniphore or Clockshark.. We have grown from SEO services and have expanded into PPC over the last years..  . Flow. founder Viola Eva is known from industry publication Search Engine Journal and public speaking at UnGagged, Pubcon, Search Marketing Summit Sydney, WordCamp, InOrbit, MBSummit, SEOkomm, Tech Open Air and Webinale. .  . We are a remote-native agency and our team members live in Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, North Macedonia, and the USA. .  . There won’t be a beer fridge or a ping pong table but there will be the freedom to make your own schedule, get creative and set your own tasks. You get to be part of a great team of professionals. a. nd shape the growth of . Flow. in the next few years..  . The agency: . .  . Our blog: . .  . Press mentions: . . Viola Eva: . .  . Interested? Apply now!. You have until October 4th, 2023 to apply.. Please send your CV to . [email protected]. . . Please include a mandatory 2min Loom video (with your face) where you highlight one professional win that you celebrated in 2023. . (Cover letter not mandatory.).