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Talent Community – Full-stack JavaScript Developer Scopic. Application Deadline. Salary Range. Job Type. August 1st, 2024 . From 1,000 US$ - 3,000 US$ per month . Full Time. Location Availability. Skills. Years of Experience. Anywhere . React, Node.js, Javascript, Angular, Vue . 4+ . Job published on July 2nd, 2024. Join Our Talent Community for . Full-stack JavaScript . Developers. A New Way to Connect with Future Opportunities. At Scopic, we’re always planning ahead, looking for forward-thinking developers who are ready to take the next step in their careers. Join our Talent Community tailored for . Full-stack JavaScript . developers, and gain more than just a chance to apply for a job—you’ll become part of a proactive recruitment initiative.. This Is Not Just Another Job Application. Becoming a member of our talent community isn’t about filling an immediate vacancy; it’s about preparing for future opportunities that fit your skills and career aspirations. Here’s what joining means for you:. Advantages for You:. Priority Access to Opportunities:. Gain early and exclusive access to upcoming roles that fit your technical expertise in JavaScript. This priority access increases your chances of finding the right job at the right time without competing with the general market.. Ongoing Engagement:. Stay informed with regular updates about new projects and potential roles. Our engagement initiatives are designed to keep you connected with our company culture and developments, ensuring you’re always prepared for the next opportunity.. Expanded Opportunities:. Enjoy quicker placement processes and less hiring friction. As a community member, you won’t be rushed through assessments and interviews. Instead, you’ll have the time you need to showcase your skills properly, enhancing your experience with us and ensuring a fit that’s right for everyone.. We Are Looking For Developers Who:. Have 4+ years of software development experience both backend and frontend. Have 2+ years of hands-on experience with modern frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js…) and a good grasp of architectural styles and implementation patterns. Have knowledge of web sockets, particularly socket.io. Have proficiency in JavaScript is required and Node.js for the backend. Have experience with TypeScript. Have experience with build systems and tooling. Have good knowledge and hands-on experience with HTML5/CSS. Have knowledge of at least one major *NIX platform (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, etc.). Have familiarity with Backbone & Marionette.js. Are proficient in Git. Are proactive and willing to learn new stuff. Have Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Are proficient in English, both written and spoken. Why This Opportunity Is Right For You:. If you thrive in settings that value long-term relationships and proactive engagement.. If you appreciate an innovative approach to recruitment and employment.. If you are prepared to invest time now to ensure a smoother transition into future roles.. Joining our Talent Community for . Full-stack JavaScript Developer. s means initiating a dialogue about your future with us. We’re eager to learn more about you and to explore how your skills and ambitions can align with our evolving needs.. TERMS OF APPLICATION. By submitting an application;. I consent that the data provided in this form, and the attached CV, will be used for Scopic’s recruiting purposes and email communications.. I consent to Scopic conducting an identity verification process as part of the hiring process. I understand that my personal information may be collected and processed for the purpose of verifying my identity in compliance with applicable laws. . Attention Job Seekers: . Please be aware that scammers may be fraudulently using our company’s name in hiring scams. To ensure your safety, all legitimate communication regarding job opportunities from our company will only come from email addresses ending with . @scopicsoftware.com. . Please exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to our official channels.. Interested? Apply now!. You have until August 1st, 2024 to apply..