Engineering Manager at Company

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Engineering Manager Company. Join us in the forefront of a revolutionary shift in workforce dynamics - remote staffing. Employers are no longer confined by geography, and employees no longer face the constraints of proximity and daily commutes. Today, companies can tap into the finest talents worldwide, and they require digital solutions to streamline this transformative process.. Discover our global employment platform, designed to empower companies in hiring talent from all corners of the globe, while effectively managing the intricacies of local compliance, labor contracts, payroll, benefits, and taxes through a unified software system. It's a game-changing innovation!. Our mission is to drive economies of scale by enabling companies to select the best candidates, regardless of their location. Backed by renowned investors like Sequoia and Golden Gate Ventures, led by industry experts, and in a phase of rapid growth, we are searching for passionate individuals to join our team.. We are currently seeking engineering leaders who are enthusiastic about both technology and people. As a leader, you will play a pivotal role in expanding the engineering team and guiding them in developing technology products that will solidify our position as a leader in this field.. Responsibilities. Taking ownership of a substantial technology product at our company, guiding it from its inception to launch. You will collaborate closely with your engineering team to create the most effective technology solutions for our customers and partners.. Collaborating closely with our product and design teams to craft products that consistently delight customers and boost their success through iterative development.. Designing, developing, testing, and launching high-quality features. You will be actively involved in the foundational aspects and work closely with engineers to identify areas for team, product, and engineering enhancement. A significant portion of your time will be dedicated to contributing to and reviewing code.. Participating in the recruitment process to identify and bring aboard top-notch engineers from around the world for your team and the broader engineering department.. Contributing to the formation of the engineering and team culture by working closely with your team members, providing frequent guidance, and fostering their career growth at our organization.. Qualifications. A minimum of 10 years of industry experience in software engineering, including at least 5 years as an engineering leader overseeing the delivery of substantial products.. Proven experience in leading product teams and developing SaaS products, with a demonstrable impact on both the product and the team, ideally within a high-growth product company.. Proficiency in a high-level programming language (such as Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, etc.), even if it differs from our current tech stack. Exceptional individuals are adept at quickly learning and adapting to new technologies (or introducing us to more effective methods).. Solid grasp of web fundamentals (JavaScript/HTML/CSS) and exposure to one or more front-end stacks (e.g., React, VueJS, Svelte, Angular, etc.).. Experience working with cloud infrastructure on platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and similar environments, as well as expertise in scalable distributed systems.. Strong familiarity and practical experience with agile methodologies for software development, including automated software delivery for incremental product development.. Highly data-driven decision-making approach.. Proficiency in solving complex problems and a genuine passion for tackling them.. Perks. Attractive Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).. Flexible vacation policy.. Freedom to choose your work hours.. Remote work options from anywhere.. Provision of necessary equipment for your role.. Health insurance coverage.. Commitment to equal employment opportunities.. We embrace diversity and are committed to providing equal opportunities to all, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status..