Freelance Writer at IAPWE

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Freelance Writer IAPWE. Our organization is seeking content writers to create articles and blog posts on a variety of topics..  . The rate of pay is $20 per 100 words (this comes out to approximately $100 per article or $50 per hour)..  . Some topics you may be asked to write about include the following (you can always turn down a topic if you do not feel comfortable writing about it, however if you have experience or expertise in a specific area, please let us know):.  . Health & beauty. Fitness. Home Decor. Fashion. Sports. Do it yourself. Finance. Legal. Medical. Family/Parenting. Relationships. Real Estate. Restaurants. Contracting (plumbing, pool building, remodeling, etc.).  . These are just some of the more general industries and topics that we cover..  . Requirements. :. We ask that all work be completed using a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. A reliable internet connection and the ability to meet deadlines. Good communication skills and respond in a timely manner to editorial staff when they ask for updates on tasks, etc. Work well as a team member with the rest of our content management and editorial staff. Note. : Applicants to this job signaled that accessing some writing tasks may require payment.