Creative Director at Stormind Games

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Creative Director Stormind Games. Stormind Games is hiring!. We are on the lookout for an enthusiastic Creative Director to join our highly motivated team. . As part of the job, you will be responsible to oversee the look and feel of a video game, make any high-level decisions for the overall vision of the product making sure the video game project looks fantastic in all aspects.. If you've got the experience and skills required and enjoy working with a focused group of talented and passionate game devs, then this is the place for you!. Role and Responsibilities. As Creative Director at Stormind Games, you will be responsible for the following tasks:. Collaborate with management to define the creative objectives of our project.. Perform quality checks.. Manage customer and stakeholder relationships, attend industry trade shows.. Work closely with other core team members to develop their specific parts of the vision and unify your concepts to tie together all design, graphic, narrative, and technical elements. . Communicate (and emphasize) the creative direction across the production floor to guide teams. . Pitch the game vision to the upper management and partners, representing your team and the project to them. . Validate the consistency and quality of the game and ensure creative alignment between branding, experience, and strategy.. Review and discuss production priorities, timelines, and scope with other directors.. Evaluate new resources from a technical standpoint (provide support in recruiting activities)..  . Requirements and qualifications. 5+ years of leadership experience in the video game industry (or other relevant experience).. Knowledge of game development workflows in relation to capture. (Game build/debug functionality).. Experience working on PC and Console.. A solid understanding of the market & a (fiery) passion for video games.. Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.. Must be able to apply knowledge, experience, and learnings to real situations to help solve problems.. Organized, detail-oriented and friendly.. Ability to work well under pressure. . Communication, leadership, and motivational skills.. A keen sense of what makes gameplay systems fun.. Ability to work well in a fluid, changing environment as creative challenges evolve..  . Plus. Proficiency in Unreal Engine 5.. Familiarity with project management software (e.g. Jira, Confluence).. Experience in Action Adventure and/or Survival Horror. . We kindly ask you to apply by sending your resume and a short cover letter in English. Applications will be reviewed whilst the job ad is posted..