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Product Data Administrator Sharesource. Ready to embark on a data-driven adventure? Join our client as a Product Data Administrator and be the driving force behind seamless inventory management and exceptional customer experiences. . About the role:. As a Product Data Administrator, you will play a crucial role in managing and maintaining accurate product data within our Inventory Management Software. Your responsibilities include data collection, organization, and integration with E-commerce platforms, as well as ensuring the quality and accuracy of product information.. Your responsibilities:. Collect, organize, and maintain inventory-related data within the Inventory Management Software.Organize and manage customer-related data within the Inventory Management Software.. Develop a deep understanding of Inventory and E-commerce platforms to facilitate data synchronization.. Administer all product data transfers between the Inventory Management Software and E-commerce platforms, including tagging, categorization, and image quality control.. Upload new products into the Inventory platform, implement pricing updates, and monitor pricing changes on E-commerce platforms to ensure accuracy.. Manage products listed on websites, ensuring accurate information and proper tagging.. Enter inventory data into the platform accurately and efficiently, verifying the accuracy of incoming data and resolving discrepancies to maintain data integrity.. Perform quality assurance checks on data and utilize Excel/Google Sheets for data manipulation and analysis.. Get this opportunity if you have:. Proficiency in Inventory Management Software and E-commerce platforms.. Strong attention to detail and data accuracy.. Excellent organizational and time management skills.. Proficient in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets.. Strong problem-solving skills.. Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.. Prior experience in a similar role within the retail or e-commerce industry, familiarity with inventory control principles, knowledge of data management best practices, and experience with image editing software are preferred. Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent work experience.. Here are your benefits from joining our team:. Monthly one-on-one coaching with our People Managers. Develop your career by upskilling with interesting work & cutting-edge technologies. Work with cool and friendly clients from Australia, Canada and the UK. Fun, supportive and global working environment. Flexible hybrid working model. Be a part of our frequent social impact activities to give back to the community.  . ___________________. About Sharesource. Why work for us?. Our clients come from all walks of life and so do we. We hire hundreds of skillful individuals  from a wide variety of backgrounds, genders, ages, and personalities to live out our diverse culture and make a positive impact on the world!. Our 5 Values:. Make a social impact:. We balance between our work for client teams and for the society by constantly making good impacts.. Be proactive:. We encourage brave thinking, continuous improvement, and drive change through action.. Create value:. We create measurable values for our stakeholders: our teams, partners, suppliers, investors, and communities.. Be fair, open and honest. :. We foster equality and inclusivity in a supportive environment that embraces diversity and celebrates achievements.. Add fun, passion and love:. We prioritise fun and passion, fostering higher engagement and a positive can-do attitude..  . What makes us different?. Our culture code. . You will be a part of our vibrant company culture and experience a workplace where your contributions are valued, your growth is encouraged, and your opinion is respected:. Challenged, autonomous, momentum. Learning, growth mindset. Lead by our values. Heard, cared for, make good friends. ___________________. What happens after you submit your application?. The whole process takes around 4 weeks:. There will be 3-4 interviews and a possible assessment from our client partner. You will undergo an initial interview, a culture interview, and 1-2 interviews with our cool client. This will run for about 1-2 weeks but we will let you know if we need to ramp it up. Be yourself and have fun.. We will constantly communicate with you as to the development of your application. You can also directly communicate with us to ask us about the status of your application.. If all goes well, we complete the reference check and provide other necessary requirements so we can offer you the job right away.