Business Manager and Sales Team Lead at Lms365

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Business Manager and Sales Team Lead Lms365. Business Manager and Sales Team Lead DACH – Remote or hybrid work with no cap on commission. Who are we?. We’re LMS365. As a solution, we are the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams. As a company, we are a talented group of individuals with a mission to empower people to learn for life. For us learning is who we are, what we do, and all that we encourage.. We believe in putting people over platform, centering authentic relationship building with our customers, and helping to transform the way people grow smarter.. What’s it like to work with LMS365?. We often describe LMS365 as a global playground where people are driven by passion and curiosity. Our team has also said that working with us is fun, dynamic, collaborative, innovative, and always supported by continuous learning..  . At LMS365, we have a very strong intercultural foundation for our global team, which requires thoughtful collaboration and intentional teamwork. We’re dedicated to creating and upholding an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and supported. Our team members are passionate about their work and are driven to achieve goals, both personally and professionally. And though we believe in working hard, we also believe in having fun and enjoying ourselves while we empower learning across the world..  . Intrigued to learn more? Check out our . About us. page.. Tell me about the role.. Reporting directly to the General Manager for NorDACH, you will be responsible for driving new sales and providing leadership to achieve our market goals. Your primary focus will be on navigating leads through a comprehensive sales process, from initial touchpoints such as discovery calls and product demos to quote preparation and closing. Additionally, you will play a crucial role in optimizing deal allocation by understanding the team's strengths and weaknesses and collaborating with key stakeholders..  . Depending on your experience, you will focus on inbound inquiries from mid-size and over time work on larger opportunities in the Enterprise segment. Using a consultative selling approach, you will:. Reply to inbound requests using the phone, email, and video meetings. Explore and understand customer's challenges and goals through focused conversations. Ask questions to dig deeper and determine how we can deliver the most value to the customer. Clearly present LMS365 to potential customers and share how the platform can solve their challenge.. Guide the customer through the set-up and decision-making process, ensuring all stakeholders are involved at an early stage.. Close the deal by tying the project to the customer's goals as expressed in communications.. Once you are fully onboarded, you will take over a team lead role for the DACH sales team. .  . Overall, your day would involve a mix of individual lead pursuit and team management, with a strong emphasis on achieving your personal sales targets and fostering the growth and success of the complete sales team..  . Tell me about the benefits available.. As a team member at LMS365, you can enjoy:. A competitive salary and benefits package including commissions.. No cap on commissions, meaning you can keep putting in your hard work and continue to pull in commissions once you hit the target.. An opportunity to work with a talented and passionate team that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration.. A hybrid fashion of work – you will be set up with everything you need for your home office.. Professional development opportunities and career growth within the company. The chance to make a positive impact on the future of learning in the flow of work and contribute to the success of our customers.. What type of person succeeds in this role?. We’ve surveyed our current and past Business Managers, and some common traits that they share are:. Curiosity with an internal drive to learn new skills and competencies.. A competitive spirit with an urge to succeed on the individual and team level.. Self-motivation and drive. As this role involves managing your own workload, meeting targets, and overseeing and motivating the sales team, having the ability to stay focused and productive is vital.. Being detailed in their communication and collaboration with others, especially when working remotely.. A natural hunting instinct driven by the excitement of discovering and engaging with exceptional prospects and leads.. Acute listening skills with the ability to match customer pains with our platform solutions.. Adaptability to change and an enjoyment of learning in a fast-paced environment.. Resiliency with the ability to get back up after failing.. What skills or experience are we looking for?. Many, but this specific role would be a great fit if you have:. Previous experience in sales, consulting or a related field at a B2B SaaS or technology solutions company.. Experience with team management or a drive to start that career journey.. Strong communication and negotiation skills.. Hands-on experience with prospecting activities, such as through email, phone, and/or social media.. Confidence in delivering engaging presentations and leading sales calls.. Experience using a customer relationship management application (CRM) to track sales pipeline activities..  . Anything else I should know?. Yes. That we don’t expect you to be a “perfect match” based on the role description. What does that mean?.  . It means that we celebrate the unique knowledge you can offer that might not be mentioned in this job post. We appreciate diversity in all forms, and that includes the backgrounds and past experiences of our team members. So, if you don’t work with every system we mentioned or you aren’t an expert in every skill we listed, we still encourage you to apply. Because a growth mindset and an openness to learn are the most important to us.  . What are the next steps?. We’re excited that you’re interested in working with us in the Sales Executive position. We’ve tried to make the application process as streamlined and painless as possible. Below you can have a peek at our hiring process, so you know what to expect.. Click the apply button on this page. Next, you’ll be taken to another form where you’ll upload your resume, provide answers to a few additional questions, and only add a cover letter if you wish. After the application is completed and you’ve clicked ‘Send’, you’ll receive a confirmation email, so you know that your application has been received, safely and soundly.. If our team thinks the role is a great match for your profile, we will reach out to schedule a first interview. This will normally be a 20-30-minute chat to hear more about you and we will also share more about LMS365.. After this conversation, we will provide feedback on our conversation and let you know if we’d like to keep progressing with you along the hiring journey and on to a second interview. Here you will be asked to present a small case to really showcase your skills.. In case we see your amazing skills and expertise as a great fit, we will invite you to a third interview with our Chief Commercial Officer.. Within an average of 40 days (. we always like to shoot for sooner than later). you’ll know if it’s a “Yes, please!” or a “Maybe later” for joining our team.. *Note: . For all positions, references will be required to validate your wonderful application.. We look forward to learning more about you and (. hopefully. ) welcoming you onto the team soon!.  . #LI-AH1