Platform Engineer at Access Genie

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Platform Engineer Access Genie. The Platform Engineer is a professional with at least 3 years of experience in systems and infrastructure engineering, specializing in startups within the tech industry. This individual is talented in problem-solving, seeks coding excellence, ensures comprehensive testing, and adopts scalable software solutions.. Who We Are. . We are an early-stage startup focused on building automation of Asset Management (ITAM) for B2B clients within the physical, digital, and organizational automation space.. . We are a remote-first, geographically-distributed team open to candidates from around the world.. . We are committed to transparency, openness, and supporting each other to build great things.. . We approach our products with genuine curiosity and recognize that innovative tech solutions pair best with high-performance, engaged teams.. . We offer great benefits, including a 100% remote work environment, flexible schedules, and ongoing growth opportunities.. . Requirements. . Proven expertise in startup environments within the tech sector.. . Familiarity with cloud patterns, covering security, scalability, availability, reliability, maintainability, and quality.. . Good analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.. . Communication skills and an ability to collaborate cross-functionally.. . Qualifications. . At least 3 years demonstrating mastery of cloud and infrastructure management, mainly in production applications over AWS.. . Expertise in provisioning, configuring, deploying, maintaining, and repairing production artifacts and resources, such as databases, processing queues, instances, networks, and RBAC users over AWS.. . Proficiency in working with platform as code (PaC), such as Terraform or Pulumi.. . Expertise in working with orchestration services like Kubernetes, AWS EKS/ECS, or AWS Elastic Beanstalk.. . Knowledge of provisioning frameworks like Chef or Ansible.. . Good understanding of monitoring tools and platforms like Prometheus, Grafana, New Relic, or Datadog.. . Hands-on experience with shell script for creating automated routines and remote environment management and troubleshooting.. . Understanding of Git and branching models for collaborating with team members.. . Nice-To-Haves. . Command of CI/CD best practices to streamline development pipelines.. . Familiarity with Identity Providers, Active Directory, and LDAP.. . Enhanced skills with other programming languages like C++, Rust, or Go are highly valued.. . A comprehensive grasp of network connectivity, traffic encryption, authentication protocols, proxy, firewall, VPN, and SSH tunnels.. . Responsibilities. . Consistently write functions that are easily testable, easily understood by other developers, and account for edge cases and errors. Use docstrings effectively.. . Understand the testing pyramid and write unit tests in accordance with it, as well as higher-level tests with help from more senior engineers. Always test expected edge cases and errors as well as the happy path.. . Understand a portion of the team's domain and gain sufficient context to work productively. Design functions that are aligned with the overall service architecture. Use a systematic approach to debug issues located within a single service.. . Before beginning work, ensure that tasks are appropriately sized for continuous integration and incremental delivery with help from teammates and the manager.. . Usually communicate effectively, clearly, concisely, and in an audience-oriented way in written and verbal form, both technical and non-technical subjects, to your teammates. Actively listen to others and ensure they are understood. Pay attention to nonverbal communication.. . Understand your work domain, share knowledge frequently with your teammates, and contribute to your team's documentation. Watches out for opportunities to share knowledge.. . When requested, help your teammates overcome obstacles, resolve blockers, and complete work tasks. Give or share credit where due.. . Seek out mentorship to grow your own experience. Sometimes mentor your teammates in an open, respectful, flexible, and empathetic manner.. . Benefits. . Competitive salary. . Work from anywhere - we are 100% remote. . Unlimited PTO (vacation, time to recharge, US or local holidays). . Flexible working hours with 4 hours overlapping in US Eastern time. . Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies while contributing to impactful projects. . Collaborative, innovative, and supportive work culture. . Chance to be mentored by a team of talented engineers. . Professional growth and development opportunities. . Recruitment Process. We are committed to providing a simplified, transparent, and streamlined hiring experience. You may expect the following stages:. . Technical assessment and code challenge. . Meeting with your future Engineering Manager. . Technical interview with the technical leadership. . Cultural fit interview with the CTO. . Get a job offer, sign contracts, and define your start date.. . Welcome aboard!.