Operations Manager at Claire Myers Consulting

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Operations Manager Claire Myers Consulting. Compensation.  - . $80,000-90,000 base salary + benefits and bonus. We are working closely with a Venture Capital firm who is looking for an Operations Manager.. The role of . Operations Manager.  will work closely with the Founder to drive the firm's mission to develop and grow new portfolio companies by:. Supporting the development and implementation of operational processes in collaboration with the C-suite of the portfolio companies . Working closely with the C-suite of the portfolio companies to ensure all operational needs are being met and sustained. Quarterbacking the firm's external relationships and implementing the systems for incorporation, legal documentation (employee agreements and NDAs), banking, HR compliance, tax, bookkeeping, accounting, insurance, employee benefits, employee onboarding, IT, branding and naming, record keeping, capital table management, and website design and management. Liaising between pre-identified service providers, portfolio companies, and management company. Researching new technologies, vendors, and best practices to ensure the best-of-breed solutions are being administered . Ensuring only the highest level of service and communication is being maintained . An . Operations Manager.  will be responsible for becoming deeply expert in nearly every aspect of the pre-identified operational strategy. This is a mission-critical role that requires analytical thinking and exceptional communication skills.. What you will bring to the table: . 3+ years of experience in an operational capacity within the VC or PE space. Bright, driven, curious, and low-ego passionate about working with a dynamic start-up. Meticulous attention to detail and organization. Maintains the highest level of professional ethics and integrity . Proven experience in managing complex projects through completion. Demonstrated ability to set priorities, track details, and provide senior management with all the necessary information to facilitate and expedite decisions. Excellent interpersonal skills and a strong desire for and demonstrated interest in network building. Affinity for joining a high-performing team that values collaboration, expectations of excellence, candor, and deep analysis. Start-up experience preferred. Compensation.  - . $80,000-90,000 base salary + benefits and bonus