Editorial Writer - Financial Focus at Benzinga

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Editorial Writer - Financial Focus Benzinga. Overview:. We are seeking an experienced editorial writer who can craft 'potentially viral' content with a strong tie to personal finance or money-related topics. The ideal candidate will have a keen understanding of trending financial news and a knack for creating engaging content that resonates with a wide audience.. Responsibilities:. Pitching Topics: . Generate compelling ideas for articles that align with current financial trends and have the potential to go viral.. Content Creation:. Write well-researched, captivating articles ranging between 800 - 1000 words, focusing on personal finance or money-related topics.. Frequency:. Produce a minimum of 5 articles per week to meet content demands and deadlines.. Viral Potential: Craft content to achieve viral reach, leveraging attention-grabbing headlines and engaging storytelling techniques.. Trend Monitoring:. Stay updated on financial news, market trends, and social media buzz to identify potential viral topics with celebrity finances. Needs to be an active user on X, Reddit, Tiktok, and Youtube.. Collaboration:. Work closely with editors and content strategists to refine ideas and enhance content quality.. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to a dynamic team and create impactful content that resonates with a broad audience.. Examples:. Elon Musk Doesn't Give Family, Including His 75-Year-Old Mother, Early Access Or Discounts On Teslas, Saying, 'The Price You See Is The Family Discount'. 'The World Is Laughing At You' — Dave Ramsey Slams All Adults Still Living With Their Parents Calling Them Wusses And Parasites: 'You Cannot Avoid Life. It's Coming For Your Butt. Momma Can't Protect You'. Warren Buffett Says Even The Bottom 2% Of Earners 'All Live Better Than John D. Rockefeller' – And He Was The Richest Man In The World