Technical Project Manager at eSimplicity

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Technical Project Manager eSimplicity. As a Technical Project Manager, you are responsible for ensuring effective and efficient execution against the technical requirements of our projects, to include user support and enablement. You track progress on everything involved in and related to your teams, anticipating and removing roadblocks and reducing friction. This role requires learning technical concepts quickly, strong project management skills, and the ability to effectively engage with the customer and other key external stakeholders.  . You will work with customers, developers, and product teams to see projects through to completion. You excel at customer expectation management, effectively triage inbound customer inquiries, and troubleshoot customer support requests. You are communicative enough to keep myriad internal and external stakeholders informed on project status, organized enough to ensure all deliverables ship at high quality and on time, and savvy enough to spot and mitigate key risks to timely project completion and ongoing service delivery. If you are ready to steer high-impact projects to success, we are excited to have you on our team.. Core Responsibilities. Liaise between teams of engineers and customers to drive successful product deliverables, as defined by adherence to scope, resources, and timeline. . Monitor project progress continuously and watch for projects heading off-course, upcoming roadblocks, or deadlines in jeopardy. . Communicate proactively with all stakeholders (e.g. product support, implementation team, business owners) to provide encouragement, identify problems, create solutions, and implement efficiency improvements. . Create detailed status reports on measurable items, such as milestones, deliverables, and risk. . Develop detailed project plans that merge customer requirements with company goals, while coordinating business and technical personnel during all project phases from initial development through implementation. . Gather necessary information and responding to customer inquiries over email/through ticket-based software support desk systems. . Triage, track, and correctly route support requests across our team. . Collaborate with engineering and product teams to resolve problems and find solutions. . Coordinate and manage customer contact for product and user issues across a nationwide user base. . Ramp up new users on the product platform. . Deliver demos and training sessions to increase usage and platform knowledge across user groups. . Deliver training sessions to users to make sure that the product is delivering and resulting in users seeing tangible impact on their workflows. . What We Value . Project management experience and ability to manage a project against key timelines and milestones with high attention to detail . Product support/software testing or related experience and/or CS or Engineering degree . Experience interfacing with a team of engineers and engaging with product teams . Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to understand and communicate software architecture decisions to external stakeholders and create technical documentation . Ability to understand and communicate software architecture decisions to external stakeholders . Ability to understand product strategy and ensure it is implemented properly on your team . Ability to effectively manage projects (using task-tracking applications like Asana, JIRA) and coordinate with engineers for end-to-end implementation . Strong organizational skills and attention to detail through effective prioritization strategies and the use of task ticketing and tracking systems . Ability to quickly ramp up on Foundry and project-specific workflows . Experience supporting data integration technologies, with a preference for product support . An adaptive communication style to suit a variety of audiences, including discussing technical requirements and solutions with internal and client engineering teams . Experience delivering product demonstrations to technical and non-technical audiences . Ability to travel 25% of the time if needed