Senior Product Manager at Miaplaza

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Senior Product Manager Miaplaza. The Company. Our mission:. Miaplaza, Inc. is dedicated to delivering innovative educational experiences that drive our mission of empowering children by providing them with exceptional learning experiences that fuel their personal growth and inspire them to make the world a better place. We are seeking talented product managers who are passionate about using technology to shape the future of learning. Miaplaza's main K-8 curriculum platform is Miacademy (. ), and the high school platform is MiaPrep (. ).. We're Growing! . Our student base is growing rapidly, and we are currently hiring for multiple positions across several departments! Our expansion stems from two key factors: our commitment to providing exceptional educational content to our students by scaling our team with passionate individuals and our pursuit of new opportunities to enhance our students' learning experiences by broadening our capabilities and expertise as an organization.. The Position. As a Senior Product Manager, you will be responsible for leading and driving the success of a significant portion of the company's product portfolio. Your primary focus will be on determining what to build. You will collaborate closely with design, engineering, and stakeholders to oversee the discovery, design, development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of your product segments. You will ensure we build the right things to drive business impact, leveraging your deep knowledge of the product area, customer, business, and market, and by conducting frequent testing and validation of your hypotheses. You will set the long-term product direction and short-term product roadmaps and backlogs. You will gather input from your team and relevant stakeholders to make timely and well-informed decisions within your product area. In addition to your individual contributor responsibilities, you may also provide guidance and mentorship to more junior product managers. Ultimately, your success will be determined by the positive impact your product area has on the lives of our customers.. Although this is a fully remote position and you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, it's essential to have significant overlap with standard working hours in Europe, as most of our product team is based there. To ensure effective collaboration, you should be available to work between 11 AM EST (or earlier) and 1 PM EST several days out of the week. Outside of this core overlap period, you have complete flexibility in determining your work schedule.. You can hear our CEO, Johannes Ziegler, discuss our company in this podcast:. Key Responsibilities:. Develop, maintain, and communicate a clear long-term vision and strategy for your product segments that aligns with the company's overall mission and objectives.. Use your product vision and strategy to develop and maintain a roadmap for all of the teams you work with that outlines what to build next to ensure designers and stakeholders always know what to work on next, and don’t have downtime in between tasks.. Understand and explain the "why" behind the product vision, strategy, and roadmap, highlighting the research and thinking behind your decisions.. Regularly communicate the product vision, strategy, and roadmap to your team and external stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned and shares a common understanding.. Coordinate across design, development, testing, and other relevant functions to develop and execute plans for releasing and conducting post-launch analyses for product iterations and new features.. Collaborate with the analytics team to develop metrics and qualitative measurements relevant to your product segments that accurately predict or correlate with positive outcomes for our customers.. Measure success based on the outcome your products have on their users, and keep the team focused on metrics that matter.. Regularly engage with customers (at least weekly) to gather feedback, validate hypotheses, and gain deep insights into their needs and pain points.. Advocate for the customer within the organization and ensure that their needs are at the forefront of all product decisions.. Create and maintain supporting documents that aid in explaining, promoting, or detailing aspects of the product and decisions that have been made.. Provide mentorship and support to more junior product managers to help them grow and develop their skills.. Contribute to hiring, onboarding, and training new product team members.. Requirements:. 5+ years of product management experience, with a proven track record of successfully leading and scaling product segments. Experience managing and mentoring junior product managers. Deep understanding of product management best practices and methodologies. Strong leadership and collaboration skills, with the ability to influence and align stakeholders across the organization. Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to clearly articulate product vision, strategy, and roadmaps. Data-driven mindset, with the ability to use metrics and analytics to inform product decisions and measure success. Passion for understanding and solving customer needs, with a strong customer-centric approach to product management. Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., business, technology, or a related field), or equivalent practical experience.. Exceptional verbal and written communication