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Online Tutor Learner Education. About Us:. At Learner, we believe that combining content mastery with passion is the key to unlocking a student's true potential. Through personalized 1-on-1 online tutoring, we strive to be the inflection point in every student's education journey. We are looking for tutors to join our team who share this passion with us.. Learner was established in 2020 and our growth has been phenomenal! We started by tutoring primarily all levels of math and have since grown to offer ELA, sciences, languages, test prep, computer science, and business math in addition to core math subjects.. Currently, we are looking for qualified and enthusiastic tutors in any of these subjects to join our team!. As a Learner Tutor, your primary responsibilities will include:. . Professional and timely communication with Learner, students, and clients. . Assessing students' current understanding of the subject matter. . Developing and implementing customized lesson plans tailored to individual student needs. . Delivering clear and engaging instruction to facilitate learning. . Monitoring student progress and providing feedback and support. . Collaborating with parents, teachers, and stakeholders to ensure student success. . Managing your schedule effectively to accommodate student needs. . Maintaining a positive and productive learning environment for students. . Requirements. The ideal candidate for becoming a Learner Tutor should possess the following qualities:. . Passionate about education and helping students succeed. . Flexible and adaptable teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles. . Professional and timely communication skills with clients and the Learner team. . Tech-savvy and proficient in utilizing online tutoring tools. . Engaging, fun, and able to connect with students on a personal level. . Motivating and inspiring students to become lifelong learners. . Patient and empathetic towards student struggles. . To qualify as a Learner Tutor, candidates must meet the following criteria:. . Bachelor's degree required. . 3+ years of professional tutoring experience. . 1+ years of professional online tutoring experience. . Fast, reliable internet connection. . Own a computer/laptop, stylus pen, and headphones. . Professional, quiet environment conducive to conducting tutoring sessions. . U.S.-based bank account and SSN. . Strong subject matter expertise in the areas they will be teaching. . Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. . Effective time management skills. . Must have 70% of availability during our peak demand of Monday - Thursday 3pm - 11pm Eastern. . Benefits. Benefits of Becoming a Learner Tutor:. . Access to a supportive community of tutors for collaboration and growth. . Professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and expertise. . Late cancellation policy ensuring compensation for session cancellations within 24 hours. . High-quality customer opportunities to expand your tutoring portfolio. . Competitive pay compared to other industry competitors - $25/hour. . If you're passionate about education and ready to make a difference in students' lives, we invite you to join our team at Learner. Apply now and be a part of our mission to accelerate learning for all!. About the company. We care about students. We care about educational professionals. We care about inspiring people and changing the way people think about education. . ‍. Whether your student is at the top of the class, struggling to keep up, or somewhere in between – Learner has you covered. . ‍. The tutors we work with all pass a rigorous screening and vetting process. We require a high level of subject-matter expertise, plus the ability to inspire students in a remote learning environment. . ‍. Your student’s learning plan is fully customized from the start. Our Academic Counselors consult with you to find the right match for your student with one of the world-class tutors we work with. . ‍. Learner was founded by educators who believe that positive educational outcomes are achieved when you combine mastery with passion.