2D Animator at Twine

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2D Animator Twine. About Twine. We're a thriving ecosystem of top-tier freelancers from around the world. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups, Twine is the go-to platform for mission-critical projects. With over half a million registered freelancers and a growing roster of 35,000+ companies, we've become the comprehensive solution for freelancing..  . Our Mission. At Twine, we recognise that companies require a flexible approach to hiring expert freelancers for their most critical projects. Traditional freelance platforms often fall short when it comes to scalability and diversity. That's where we shine. Twine operates as a thriving global freelance network, with diverse experts across various fields, including marketing, engineering, and AI. Our core mission is to empower creators, whether they're businesses or individual freelancers, to thrive in their creative endeavours..  . About the Role.  . We are seeking a skilled Anime-style Animator to bring to life an original animated movie titled "Prohibition Shadows." The project requires creating an anime movie in a style similar to the popular series "Attack on Titan." This is a single project opportunity with the potential for follow-up work. The timeline is flexible, and the animator can work remotely. The ideal candidate should have mid-level industry experience in anime animation and be open to discussing a suitable budget for the project.. Responsibilities:. Understand and interpret the creative vision and storyline for the "Prohibition Shadows" anime movie project.. Create high-quality animation sequences in the desired anime style, similar to "Attack on Titan.". Design and animate character movements, expressions, and actions with attention to detail and fluidity.. Develop and animate background scenes, environments, and visual effects to support the narrative.. Collaborate with the client to ensure the animation aligns with their vision and make necessary revisions.. Manage your own workflow and meet agreed-upon milestones or deadlines.. Maintain open communication with the client regarding project progress, challenges, and requirements.. Ensure the final product meets industry standards for quality and attention to detail..  . Requirements.  . Proven experience in anime-style animation, with a strong portfolio showcasing your skills.. Mid-level industry experience in animation, preferably with exposure to anime productions.. Proficiency in industry-standard animation software and tools (e.g., Toon Boom, Adobe Animate, etc.).. Strong understanding of animation principles, character design, and storytelling techniques.. Ability to work independently and manage your own time effectively.. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for collaborating with clients.. Creativity and attention to detail in bringing characters and scenes to life.. Flexibility to accommodate revisions and changes as needed.. Willingness to discuss and negotiate a fair budget for the project scope.. About the company.  . Companies need to hire freelancers such as animators, graphic designers, and software developers but are dissatisfied with existing freelance marketplaces. Existing platforms do not scale beyond hiring a handful of freelancers, they do not help with diversity, and are generally a poor experience for both the client and the freelancer.. Twine is a marketplace that connects companies to a diverse global network of nearly 500,000 creative and digital freelancers. It enables companies to flexibly and ethically scale large teams of freelancers.. Our mission is to empower creators and democratise the freelance workforce to make business more productive.. We would love for you to be a part of that!