QA Freelancer at Monterail

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QA Freelancer Monterail. We are . Monterail. - a team of ~ 150 experts working together to create meaningful software. . We believe in knowledge-sharing, autonomy, respect, and inclusivity. That’s what makes us work so well together.. During our work, sometimes we discover some unknown paths, sometimes we walk along the known roads. Nevertheless, we always find a way to figure things out and embrace the challenges in front of us.. Our caring approach and support are here to help you strive and learn from the best.. We are looking for a . QA Freelancer. to join our team and help us create innovative software as a . freelancer. . . Requirements. You are - ideally. . A communicative team player. . Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing. . Excellent at prioritizing and managing your workload. . A great listener who knows how to ask the right questions. . Capable of explaining complex problems in an easy-to-understand manner. . Familiar with modern web and mobile applications from a user’s perspective. . Experienced in writing test plans. . Proficient in testing both web and mobile applications. . Skilled in using multi-browser and multi-device testing tools (e.g., Browserstack). . Comfortable using Jira and Git. . Available to work at least 10 hours per week. . Able to work on a B2B contract. . Big +. . basics of JavaScript. . API testing (eg. REST, GraphQL). . Familiar with e2e automated testing. . Aware of modern UX and accessibility practices . . ISTQB certificate . . You will. . Design and execute manual test cases using appropriate QA techniques. . Manage and maintain the test environment on a basic level. . Provide feedback for the development team . . Ensure that quality issues and defects are appropriately identified, documented, tracked, and resolved. . Coordinate testing efforts within the team. . Promote quality awareness within the team . . Work asynchronously on projects of your choice. . Salary. Hourly Rates on B2B contract. Mid: up to 65 PLN/hour. Senior: up to 83 PLN/hour . By joining us as a freelancer, you automatically join our Monterail Tech Network - a network of freelance designers, developers and QAs who support us in our projects. You'll get a chance to work on projects of your choice, flexibly. . About the company. Hi!. We are Monterail. A . team of developers and designers. building beautiful and meaningful software everyday. We work with clients around the globe. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes in all continents with high profiled web development skills as well as strong product and UX design expertise.. We are looking for savvy people to join our team and help us build a better web.. Learn more: .