Senior DevOps Engineer at Mobalytics

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Senior DevOps Engineer Mobalytics. The Mobalytics mission is to create the ultimate gaming companion, providing powerful tools that enable all players to step up their game and be their best selves. In the last few years, we have gone from just servicing . League of Legends. players to empowering players of different genres through . Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, Lost Ark, Destiny 2. and . Diablo 4. . We’ve achieved a lot but there is so much we can accomplish with the right talent onboard. We need razor-sharp, experienced, autonomous, and responsible professionals who can help us grow and evolve from a small adventurous party into a disciplined raid team that can conquer any challenge.. As a DevOps Engineer, you are the wizard that makes our product work perfectly every day..   You are responsible for our whole infrastructure development, strategy planning, reliability tasks, monitoring, build infrastructure, data infrastructure, automation and newcomer onboarding. Without your dedication to optimal efficiency and stability, our users won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful products we create.  If you love all sorts of games and find yourself thinking about how it all fits together, then you are definitely in the right place in our cutting-edge raid.. Here are the technologies we currently have:. Cloud-only infrastructure (GCP). Kubernetes on Google (GKE). Gitlab and Gitlab CI / CD. GitOps approach. IaaC with Ansible and Terraform. About 500Tb of data at the moment with S3 and ScyllaDB. Monitoring stack with VictoriaMetrics / Grafana. Pure microservice architecture in Go / NodeJS. Here are your responsibilities:. Infrastructure development, automation, improvements and optimization, site reliability and maintenance tasks on production and other environments. CI/CD pipelines development and optimization. Developer support on infrastructure / CICD requests. Monitoring/Alerting/Logging Systems Improvements. Here are the skills you need to have:. CI/CD Pipelines experience (Gitlab CI preferred). Docker experience. Kubernetes experience. Monitoring System setup experience (Prometheus, Victoria Metrics, Grafana). IaaC System experience (Ansible, Terraform). Linux knowledge. Good knowledge of at least one Cloud Solution, we think that if you know one of them, you know them all (GCP, Azure, AWS, etc);. You have an “acceptable” level of English - we're not expecting Full Proficiency or requiring any certificates, but you must be able to communicate with the team.. Gaming experience. People who love games and the tools players use to get better at them make a great fit and can understand the mission clearly. . These skills are a big plus:. Knowledge of GitOps methodology;. Knowledge of any of the following languages: Golang, Python, Node.js. Administration experience of any of the following databases: PostgreSQL, ScyllaDB, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis (Cluster version);. Administration experience of the ETL Systems (Airflow).. What we offer:. Fully Remote Job - we've been a remote company from day one.. Flexible working hours - except for scheduled meetings, we don’t have a working schedule or the required amount of working hours. Mobalytics is not about time spent on achieving results but about results themselves.. $2,000 Home Office Budget after a trial period.. Salary paid in USD, no matter where you are in the world.. Equity Stake in the Company.. If you love games and have a strong desire to create beautiful and intelligent products for passionate communities of gamers, this is the place for you. We really want to help players be their best self when playing with others around the world, and you should join us and help create that environment.