Program Manager Tech 3 at Lucid Consulting Group

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Program Manager Tech 3 Lucid Consulting Group. Job Title: . Program Manager Tech 3. . Location: . Remote. . Duration/Start Date: . 7/1/2024 . . Salary Range: . $7,000 - $8,000 monthly. . Candidates with previous experience working at Microsoft, either as a full-time employee (FTE) or contractor, are strongly preferred.. . . Role Summary: . . The purpose of this team is managing planning and prioritization for all business requests from engineering standpoint. This role will contribute to manage planning and prioritization for all business requests from engineering standpoint.. . . Job Responsibilities: . . 1. Write business requirement documents & ensure stakeholder alignment.. 2. Co-create OKRs with business teams that drive measurable improvements to digital partner experience.. 3. Facilitate workshop(s) to collaboratively define future state Gen AI and Copilot based scenarios across the partner/seller journey.. 4. Review current pain points of the partner & seller using existing data (e.g., partner CPE scores, support cases, survey data, etc).. 5. Conduct internal interviews, integrate partner feedback, complete qualitative and quantitative analysis to build a POV on prioritization of AI scenarios.. 6. Develop future state partner workflows based on priority scenarios anchored to partner journey and MCEM.. 7. Integrate all partner scenarios into MAICPP planning workstreams as part of Commercial partner planning portfolio. (Microsoft will provide context here). 8. Work with technical leadership team to review high level technical architecture building blocks and systems design.. 9. Technical depth in AI terminology and concepts and be able to design scalable, performant, and reliable systems keeping in mind Microsoft org accountabilities, boundaries, and limitations.. 10. Build proof of concepts if necessary to drive scenario validation. These will not be deployed to production.. . Top 3 Hard Skills Required + Years of Experience:. . 1. Minimum 5+ years experience with Portfolio management. 2. Minimum 5+ years experience with Data analysis. 3. Minimum 5+ years experience with Exec presentation preparation. . . Requirements/Qualifications:. 1. Experience with sales and marketing organizations especially with Channel, ISV and coselling business at Microsoft.. 2. Experience working with engineering teams driving execution based on requirements.. 3. Experience capturing requirements from sales and marketing stakeholders and documenting requirements.. 4. Experience building and leading executive presentations. Experience with data analytics, SQL, PowerBI and excel.. 5. Familiarity building GTM strategies and driving sales & marketing outcomes backed by data.. 6. Experience running planning & portfolio management across large matrixed organizations.. 7. 5-7 overall years of experience in the field.. 8. Preferred bachelors degree in business, Operations, Engineering, Finance or related field AND 3+ years of work experience in program management, product management, process management, process improvement OR equivalent experience.