Marketing Ops Coordinator at Who Gives A Crap

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Marketing Ops Coordinator Who Gives A Crap. Not all heroes wear capes — but plenty of them use toilet paper. Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world? Come join the revolootion!. Funny name, serious business. We make eco-friendly products and donate 50% of our profits to provide clean water and help build toilets for the billions of people who lack proper access. So far, we’ve contributed over $13.3 million AUD (roughly $8.9 million USD) to fund sanitation projects around the globe. Basically, we’re really good at doing good. . With hubs in Australia, the Philippines, China, the US, UK and Europe, our amazing team of 200+ work to make the biggest possible impact for people and the planet. Over the next couple of years, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation tenfold to get us closer to our dream of everyone in the world having access to clean water and sanitation services.. A bit about the role. The Marketing team is at the heart of the creative and brand building work at Who Gives A Crap. It brings together a talented group of designers, copywriters, growth marketers, social media managers and brand marketers and it’s the role of the Operations team to keep everyone on the same page and on task. With many exciting initiatives coming down the pipeline, we are seeking a proactive . Marketing Operations Coordinator . to enhance and augment the team’s day-to-day workflow.. Reporting to the Marketing Operations Manager, you’re part of a dedicated team that drives operational efficiency and effectiveness through planning, processes and creative project management for the Marketing Team. You will take an active role in supporting the Chief Brand Officer with calendar management and administrative tasks, as well as cross-functional related administrative needs across the Marketing leadership team. You will learn and adopt the Who Gives a Crap project management process and eventually manage creative projects from kickoff to completion. You will work with the Marketing Operations Manager to maximise current processes, develop new ones, and establish consistent sources of truth for the whole Marketing Team. . We’re open to amazing candidates who are based anywhere in Australia. . As a remote-first company, our Marketing team spans across the US and Australia and although we’re not immune to the effects of challenging time zones, we look to solve this by committing to 4-6 hours per day of collaboration time which sees our US team aligning to PST afternoons and our Australian team diving into earlier mornings.. If you worked here this past month here are some things you might have been involved in. You’ve brainstormed and created from scratch a better template that we can use to collect project feedback.   . You’ve project managed an email initiative working with a copywriter, designer, creative director and email lead.  . You’ve supported our CBO in the management of current project approvals, upcoming initiatives, and important updates and timelines.. You’ve urgently adjusted some meetings on our CBOs calendar to accommodate a key project meeting that needs to happen today.. You’ve helped lead and wrangle the gathering of all the information we plan to share in our team-wide all hands meeting and helped create the deck for the meeting.. You developed a new process for administrative tasks for our CBO .. Let’s talk about you. Organisation is your superpower. First and foremost, we are seeking a person who thrives in keeping teams organised and their projects on track. You anticipate and address their needs. You balance priorities and can design a suitable workflow around them. You foresee problems and take pre-emptive actions where possible. If things change, you are able to react quickly and resiliently, problem-solving to find the best solutions and alternatives when these changes arise. Perhaps you have some executive assistant or project management skills in your back pocket and you’re eager to apply them to the dynamic world of marketing and creative. . You find tech fun and necessary. You love exploring new platforms and tools. You’re not afraid to try out something new and dive into a platform you’ve never used before. You’re comfortable with exploring better organisation, automations, and user-friendliness within these tools and platforms. You’ve worked in a project management tool before. . Communication is key. You promote good communication amongst your team. You know that you’re not just communicating for yourself but also for your leaders and organisation. You keep an eye on everything that is happening and are always ‘in the know’ to ensure everyone is on the same page.. You’re a team player. You know how to build rapport amongst your team and you're seen as a valuable and reliable team member. You have a high level of empathy and can interact with a variety of personalities and working styles. You know how to keep the team happy and productive and communicate those insights for process improvement, knowledge sharing, and increasing efficiencies.. You’re calm under pressure. Your time management skills are second to none - you know how to stay focused on what needs to be done but you’re also adaptable when things change. You’re prepared for the unexpected and comfortable with working in the grey areas. You’re able to work independently, make decisions and problem solve with sound judgement. As a detail-oriented person you produce high-quality work and can do so reliably.. You give a crap. Do you want your work to make the world a better place? Do you want to work with other people who feel the same way? What a coincidence — us too!. Why should you work with us?. First off,. . as a certified B Corp™. , we work to make a difference every day while maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental impact. With our most recent score of 125.5 we’re in . very. good company with other . exceptional. B Corps around the world.. We also believe that helping to make the world a better place should be rewarded accordingly – that’s why we offer competitive, market informed salaries, meaningful support towards healthcare for our team around the world,. . generous paid leave. , tailored learning and development opportunities, and free toilet paper (yes, you read that right).. Our engagement surveys (thanks Culture Amp!) tell us that our team is really proud (98%) to work for Who Gives A Crap and, well, . we . couldn’t be more proud of that.. Have you made it this far?. If you’re still reading, we think there’s a strong chance you might be our kind of person. Here’s the thing, though — research suggests that 60% of women and underrepresented folks might have already talked themselves out of applying. Even if you don’t check every box above, we want to encourage you to introduce yourself. We believe a diversity of perspectives and experiences makes a team stronger — and the stronger our team, the closer we are to delivering toilets and clean water for all.