Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer at Wander

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Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Wander. About Wander: . Wander is revolutionizing the $100B+ short-term rental industry. We curate every aspect of the guest experience - from our smart homes to our intuitive booking platform. Our mission is to help people find their happy place, and our vision is to create the infrastructure for people to experience the world.. Backed by top-tier investors and led by experienced startup veterans, we're a tight-knit team united by our passion for travel, technology, and creating unforgettable experiences.. About the Role:. As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Wander, you'll be responsible for ensuring the reliability, performance, and security of our travel platform. You'll develop and implement a comprehensive testing strategy that covers manual procedures, automated tests, monitoring, and security assessments. Your work will be crucial in delivering a seamless and secure experience for our users.. Key Responsibilities:. Establish and maintain a set of thorough manual test procedures. Design and implement automated black box tests for our web, mobile, and backend systems. Set up and manage uptime monitoring for all our services. Implement chaos engineering practices to improve system resilience. Conduct regular penetration testing and security assessments. Develop and maintain a continuous integration testing pipeline. Create and manage test environments that accurately reflect production. Collaborate with developers to reproduce and diagnose bugs. Perform load testing and stress testing on our systems. Implement end-to-end testing scenarios that cover critical user journeys. Develop testing strategies for LLM-powered features and interactions. Implement automated tests to ensure consistency and quality of LLM outputs. Develop LLM-powered tests for running generalized visual test cases. Develop and maintain comprehensive test documentation. Stay updated with the latest QA methodologies, tools, and best practices. Implement visual regression testing to ensure UI consistency. Set up and maintain a bug tracking system. Conduct usability testing and gather user feedback. Implement API contract testing. Develop metrics and KPIs for measuring and improving quality. Collaborate with the infrastructure team to test disaster recovery procedures. Implement smoke tests and sanity checks for quick validation of deployments. Requirements:. 3+ years of experience in software quality assurance, preferably in a fast-paced tech environment. Strong knowledge of QA methodologies and best practices. Experience with test automation frameworks and tools (e.g., Jest, Cypress, Selenium). Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and their integration with automated testing. Understanding of RESTful APIs and how to test them. Experience with performance testing and monitoring tools. Understanding of testing methodologies for LLM-based systems. Experience with tools for evaluating and validating LLM outputs. Basic understanding of security testing principles and tools. Familiarity with cloud environments, preferably AWS. Knowledge of SQL for database testing. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Excellent communication skills and ability to work in an async environment. Experience with version control systems (Git). Bonus Points:. Experience with chaos engineering tools and practices. Knowledge of containerized environments (Docker, Kubernetes). Familiarity with TypeScript and Node.js for writing test scripts. Experience with mobile app testing (iOS and Android). Understanding of event-driven architectures and how to test them. ISTQB certification or other relevant QA certifications. Experience with accessibility testing. Our Tech Stack:. Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, and Fastify. Database/Cache: PostgreSQL and Redis, with plans to expand to additional services. ORM: Prisma. Cloud Infrastructure: AWS. Containerization: Docker and Kubernetes. Infrastructure-as-Code: Pulumi. Version Control: Git. Monorepo Structure: We utilize a monorepo for efficient code management. Build System: Yarn for package management, with Nx and Turbo for our build pipeline. CI/CD: Automated pipelines for continuous integration and deployment. Event Streaming: Current (Redis queues) – plans to switch to Kafka or NATS for building event-driven architectures. Monitoring and Metrics: Current (SaaS Platform) – plans to switch to Prometheus, Grafana or ELK stack for comprehensive system observability. Why Wander?. Be part of a mission to help people find their happy place and experience the world. Work on cutting-edge technology in the rapidly growing travel-tech sector. Fully remote, async work environment. Competitive salary and equity package. Comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, and vision insurance. 401(k) plan. Opportunities for career growth and development within Wander. Join Us: . If you're excited about solving complex problems, working with cutting-edge technology, and reshaping the future of travel, we want to hear from you! Apply now and let's build something extraordinary together.