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Senior Engineer (Node.js, GraphQL) @ Newsela

The Role: 

As a Senior Engineer you will work on big problems in literacy education, from building the infrastructure necessary to handle tens of millions of users to solving novel problems in text complexity and personalization. You will work on an interdisciplinary team spanning Engineering, Design, and Product to ensure Newsela continuously ships a product which will be used in K-12 schools nationwide. As a technical expert, you will be a key voice throughout the entire development process, including initial discovery (where you’ll be expected to empathize with the end-users and play an integral role in outlining the overall solution so that not only is the software performing as intended, but that adoption and usage follows suit). Your team will own a specific product feature, and have the opportunity to exercise long-term thinking to iterate on the product over time.

Why You’ll Love This Role: 

You will be part of a highly collaborative interdisciplinary team, and will own a user-facing part of Newsela’s product. This role gets you flexing your product and design skills, as well as your expertise in software development. You get to be part of a team that designs solutions as well as builds them; you will be shaping the product to ensure that beautifully designed features are shipped to Newsela’s national user base. As we scale, you’ll be releasing code daily. And because we're a technology company focused on improving the way students learn, you’ll be part of an engineering culture that values learning, teaching, and questioning.

Why We’ll Love You: 

You have 5+ years of professional full-stack web application development experience, and competency in our tech stack (Node.js, GraphQL, React). You practice lean and flexible software development, are familiar with kanban boards, and have demonstrated experience building in responsive design natively without a frontend framework (across mobile, tablet, and desktop). Ideally, you are very comfortable writing in Javascript against the browser’s native API.

In addition to your coding skills, you are able to work and communicate with design, engineering, data, and product teams to produce timely, healthy code. You can seamlessly illustrate concepts from a single function all the way to a system architecture, defend the intention of your solutions, and can explain the implications to technical and non-tech experts alike. You bring an informed point of view to your team, and pay as close attention to the clarity and maintainability of your code as you do its functionality.

About Newsela:

Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that combines engaging, leveled content with integrated formative assessments and insights to supercharge engagement and learning in every subject. Students and teachers use Newsela to find digital content from 100+ of the best sources—from National Geographic to NASA, Biography.com to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Washington Post to the Wichita Eagle. Content is instructionalized to meet students where they are, with interactive tools and analytics to take them where they want to go. Newsela has become an essential solution for schools and districts, with a presence in over 90% of U.S. K-12 schools. Newsela is the content platform for the connected classroom.


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