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Senior Product Manager, Research @ The Block

As a Senior Product Manager at The Block, you will be responsible for improving and extending our Research products. The Block Research is an enterprise information services offering, with a variety of discrete product offerings: a responsive website, paid memberships, community tools, email newsletters, commissioned research, data dashboard, monthly analyst calls, and a variety of events/experiences.

You will manage and prioritize product requests from The Block’s Research Team to improve our research offerings and solicit client feedback to improve user experience. You will be the first dedicated product manager to join The Block. We are primarily considering candidates that have a strong sense of ownership and ability to manage an efficient product development process. This role will report directly to the co-founder and CTO of The Block.

In this role you will...

  • Be responsible for the product direction of our research offerings, which are supported through memberships by large financial institutions, technology companies, venture capitalists and other investors, and regulatory agencies.
  • Collaborate with our engineers, researchers, executives, and designers to develop new products in digital asset data visualization, sell-side research, and enterprise memberships.
  • Develop a product strategy to grow research memberships through trials, renewals, and license expansions.
  • Support our expanding research team, improve the efficiency, transparency, ease of administration, and security of our research tools.
  • Identify and solve the “feature delta” between The Block and its competitors, ensure that our clients experience a positive ROI on their research memberships.
  • Be creative in solving business problems, have a deep understanding of the prioritization tradeoffs of building versus integrating versus outsourcing.
  • Lead the team and contribute to the culture of quality and healthy collaboration by example.

Required experience for this role...

  • 5 years of experience as a product manager or similar experience as an entrepreneur,  general manager, or engineering lead.
  • 3 years of experience in data and/or research related to broader finance and market intelligence
  • Demonstrated track record of managing product development processes
  • Expertise in web analytics and content performance measurements
  • Experience in one or more Business Intelligence (BI) products, such as Google Data Studio, Domo, or Tableau
  • Experience with payment processing and membership services
  • Knowledge of common patterns in responsive web application development
  • Knowledge of email service provider features
  • Knowledge of digital assets, crypto, and blockchain technologies

Additional preferred experience for this role...

  • Power-user of The Block Research
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Experience with digital assets, crypto, and blockchain technologies
  • Product experience with data visualizations and dashboarding
  • Product experience with Stripe Subscriptions or similar subscription management solutions
  • Product experience with WordPress or similar CMS
  • Marketing experience for digital goods


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