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Senior QA / Automation Engineer @ DataKitchen

As a senior member of the DataKitchen development team you will get a fast-paced startup experience. You will develop new features for our market-defining SaaS DataOps product, work directly with company founders and customers, enhance the scalability and reliability of the product, and contribute to our continuously improving Agile development process.

DataKitchen's market leading DataOps Platform brings a CI/CD mindset to the world of data operations and statistical process control. We need a talented automation engineer to straddle our QA and DevOps teams and help us reach new levels of performance, quality and reliability as our product and our teams grow.

The successful candidate will have top technical skills, excellent attention to detail and follow-up, the ability to self-manage, and enthusiasm for our inclusive and supportive culture. Our company is committed to being remote-first, with employees in Cambridge MA, various other states, Buenos Aires Argentina, Sicily and other locations.


You must be located within GMT+2 (e.g. Italy) to GMT-8 (e.g. CA). We will not consider candidates outside those time zones. We do not work with recruiters. Everyone else, if in doubt please reach out!

  • 4 or more years of development experience as an automation or DevOps engineer
  • Strong Python and/or Node experience, as well as skill with Bash
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes and/or a similar orchestration platform
  • Ability to deliver well-tested and performant IaC in a CI/CD pipeline
  • An agile, customer-oriented mindset
  • Enthusiasm, curiosity and drive!

Qualifications That Are a Plus:

  • Experience with EKS, AKS, GKE and respective related services
  • Experience doing single page application performance engineering
  • Experience creating a high throughput continuous deployment pipeline
  • Experience as an SRE or as a QA Engineer, and a strong emphasis on operational quality
  • Experience creating products for developers and/or data analysts

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