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Senior Software Engineer - Backend @ Splitgraph

What we're looking for

We're looking for generalist backend and data engineers with experience building and maintaining complex software stacks and a passion for creating unusual yet practical technology products. Having used (or managed!) a PostgreSQL instance is a big plus and so is an experience with building data pipelines, including with modern tools like dbt.

You'll be an early engineering hire at a company that understands the value of solid software engineering. Most of our backend is written in mature Python (types, tests) with plenty of SQL and Lua. We have automated tests, deployments, alerting and monitoring in place and are able to go from a code change to it running in production in less than an hour. This all will let you spend your time doing work that actually matters instead of fighting the stack.

Who You Are

  • You have 4+ years experience writing software professionally
  • You have worked on production-grade Python code, be it an API server or a complex data pipeline
  • You have used a containerization solution (like Docker) and interacted with an orchestration system (Nomad or Kubernetes)
  • You have experience working in Unix-based systems
  • You prioritize tried and tested solutions over new shiny libraries and tools, but are always open to evaluating novel technologies
  • You are self-sufficient and self-disciplined, motivated by building robust and well-tested software


As we're an early stage company, no two days are the same at Splitgraph and your responsibilities will vary a lot. Here's some of the things you'll get to do:

  • Work on backend APIs and infrastructure that power Splitgraph Cloud and the Splitgraph DDN
  • Contribute to Splitgraph's open-source codebase and interact with our community
  • Hack on the PostgreSQL, pgbouncer and PostgREST source code
  • Work closely with the founding team to design, build and deliver features for our clients


  • Fully remote
  • Generous compensation and equity package
  • Lots of freedom in defining your own work
  • Flexible working hours

Life at Splitgraph

We work remotely and we all have flexible schedules. Ideally you will be available for 4 hours of the day that overlap with the time the founders are awake in the UK. We chat on Mattermost and often have impromptu Zoom video calls.

We try our best to be responsible remote workers. We understand the challenges that come with it, and we build solutions to mitigate them, like using a Mattermost bot for standup messages.

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