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Software Engineer, Web Automation @ hims & hers

Hims and Hers is seeking an experienced Software Engineer to lead efforts building test automation and tooling for our web engineering team.


  • Continuously seek ways to increase the reliability, speed, and effectiveness of our test automation suite and continuous integration pipeline.
  • Foster a culture of automation by evangelizing test-driven approaches, mentoring other engineers on testing best practices, and creating tools to lower barriers for writing good tests.
  • Write tests to set quality examples for other engineers to follow.
  • Review pull requests for testing best practices.

Experience & Skills

  • You are passionate about developer productivity, test automation and tooling.
  • 5+ years as a software engineer, shipping production code.
  • 2+ years of experience in a role with heavy focus on automation (QA Automation, DevOps).
  • Strong familiarity with some or all of the following: node/javascript tooling ecosystem (webpack, babel), web testing best practices and tooling (Cypress, Jest), and building continuous integration workflows (CircleCI).


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