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Software Engineering Manager @ CODDICT

CODDICT is an international digital marketing company specialized in SaaS and e-commerce businesses. We're a professional team composed of skilled digital marketers, software engineers, digital designers, and an administrative team. We’re looking for a remote and hard-working Software Engineering Manager to join our dynamic team. We are a full-remote team operating from more than 10 different countries and 3 continents.






We are looking for a Software Engineering Manager to join our team in building high-standard web platforms. You’ll be working in an environment that will require and support your growth as a leader of software engineers specialized in web technologies. You’ll be using your leadership & engineering skills to help your team advance well-thought-out solutions that you will develop and deploy to production together.




  • Develop & implement web-centric software solutions, primarily built with the Symfony 3.4+ framework
  • Ensure a high-quality standard of our codebase for future expansions & maintainability
  • Work as part of a development team to plan software solutions & bring projects to completion
  • Understand our business needs to make sure you & your team are addressing them properly
  • Act as the main point of contact between the CTO, Project Manager, and your team's Software Engineers
  • Act as a mentor and consultant for the technical team members' project decisions 
  • Develop & overview the training of the technical team members' skillset 


SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:We’re looking for candidates who have extensive experience with:


  • The Symfony PHP Framework (3.4 or 4.4), and its various components 
  • Symfony's community ecosystem and bundles
  • Developing well-structured platforms using standard web technologies (HTML/CSS/Vanilla JS)
  • Building performant websites and web applications from scratch
  • Using popular data structures and design patterns properly 


As well as considerable experience with:


  • MySQL 
  • Web API development
  • PHPUnit
  • Ubuntu, and the CLI environment
  • Writing semantic HTML 
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • SCSS
  • Git




We also see past experience in the following areas as a major plus:


  • Leading a team of junior and/or senior software developers
  • Handling the project management (tasks & timeline creation) of technical projects
  • Working on a SaaS-based product




  • Fluent in the English language
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken forms
  • Self-motivated individual
  • Good online research skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good teamwork




  • Remote Working: Ability to work from any location around the world
  • Medical Insurance: Yes (post-probation)
  • Paid Leaves: Minimum 28 days (Subject to increase based on the position and years of employment)
  • Attendance: Flexible with Core Hours
  • Bonus: Yearly (based on appraisal)
  • Raise: Yearly (based on appraisal)
  • Be part of a team with a great culture: https://www.facebook.com/coddict


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