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UI and UX Designer @ Simple Focus

We’re looking for a capital-D Designer who is capable of elevating thoughtful, intuitive interactions into gorgeous user experiences.

We need your help researching, designing and implementing products for our clients big and small.

You’ll combine your knowledge of user and business needs with a deep understanding of UX and UI best practices to design solutions that are thoughtful, novel and beautiful.

You’ll bring your talents to application design—solving complex UX problems and designing interactions elevated by style, animation and an intense attention to detail.

You’ll also help our clients look amazing with website designs that promote their businesses and provide clarity and great experiences for their customers.

And, for real, one day you’ll work on a crazy design project that you’ll never be able to explain to your parents. We dabble in experience design, customer experience and all the other “experiences.” We’re not afraid of words like projection mapping, Arduino, and semi-trailer. We hope you can hang.

Design is a craft that’s difficult and constantly evolving. We will push you, and we expect you to push us. We need someone who can:

  1. Develop user journeys and wireframes that meet users' needs while helping our clients meet their goals. 
  2. Turn those wireframes and user journeys into beautiful, dynamic and considered prototypes based on existing design systems;
  3. Or, be called upon to develop a design system with our team;
  4. Occasionally flick their wrist and make a handful of pretty designs in an afternoon;
  5. Understand how motion design plays a part in educating users on what an interface can do for them.

We get excited when we have work to share, and we hope you do, too. As a Designer, you’ll present your work to internal teams and clients, selling your concepts with enthusiasm and confidence in your work.

It’s going to be your job to see and understand the guardrails, then politely ignore limitations. You should be intimately familiar with existing interaction design patterns, able to apply them when appropriate and break them when it’s time to push boundaries.

It’d be rad if you can code, but it’s not a must. We just ask that you know how things work and understand what’s possible. You'll be working directly with developers to come up with solutions, so experience guiding your design to market is a must.

We offer full health insurance, retirement and a total of six weeks off per year. We’re currently hiring in Memphis, Chattanooga or Portland, Ore. These are three great towns, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. If you’d rather work remotely, that's great too.

Becoming Part of the Team

In between the specific responsibilities of your role, there are some key skills and qualities we value for this and most roles at Simple Focus.

  • Thoroughness. You consider all factors when developing a solution, and you're invested in making sure every aspect of a project is executed to the same high level.
  • Eye for Design. We expect you to have the UX and UI design skills required to make your wireframes, prototypes, flows and documents look great. 
  • Curiosity. You genuinely want to learn, and you ask a ton of thoughtful questions.
  • Integrity. You stand up for your processes, results and decisions, and you’re able to communicate how and why you’ve made choices.
  • Collaborative. Design is a team sport. You relish working in tandem with teammates and clients.
  • Independence. Even in a collaborative environment, there will be times when you’ll have to work things out on your own. 
  • Adaptable, Agile and Tenacious. Sadly, project budgets and timelines aren’t limitless. And it’s rare, but sometimes, your process goes sideways or the budget wasn’t large enough to begin with. You need to be creative in how you approach and scale your work to provide value, even when conditions aren’t ideal.

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