Senior Software Engineer, App O11y - Instrumentation (eBPF) at Grafana Labs

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Senior Software Engineer, App O11y - Instrumentation (eBPF) Grafana Labs. What is Grafana Cloud?. Grafana Cloud is our composable observability platform that integrates metrics, logs, and traces with Grafana. It allows our customers to leverage the best open source observability software – including Prometheus, Mimir, Loki, and Tempo – without the overhead of installing, maintaining and scaling their own observability stack. The Application Observability department is focused on enabling developers to understand the health and performance of their applications in any environment by providing tools to instrument their code, ingest observability data into Grafana Cloud and visualize and explore it.. Grafana Beyla provides open source zero-code automatic instrumentation with eBPF and OpenTelemetry. The Beyla squad is part of the Application Observability department at Grafana. Beyla supports a wide range of programming languages (Go, Java, .NET, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Rust, and more). The goal is to provide friction free, automatic, open source, application and network instrumentation for operations, on systems with eBPF support, regardless of the application programming language.. As a company we are remote-first and global, we embrace people of different experiences and backgrounds to build diverse teams where every person brings a unique perspective to the software. We are looking for Engineers that are passionate about communicating with data and providing seamless experiences for our customers to join our growing team! Engineers at Grafana also have the opportunity to contribute to Open Source communities.. What will you be doing?. Research ways of using eBPF probes for observability. The initial focus will be on application and network monitoring. This includes request rates, error rates, latency metrics, and distributed tracing.. Implement open source eBPF probes, and foster adoption of eBPF in the open source monitoring community.. Teach other Grafana squads about the benefits and limitations of eBPF-based monitoring in their respective area.. Work with open source communities like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus to make sure eBPF-based monitoring is interoperable with the broader ecosystem.. As we are remote-first and our engineering organization is largely remote, we provide guidance and meet regularly using video calls, so an independent attitude and good communication skills are a must.. What are we looking for in you?. You don’t just love to research stuff, you also love to share what you learned. Both internally with other Grafana squads, and externally with the broader open source monitoring community. This may include writing blog posts, offering webinars, or speaking at meetups or conferences.. You have great communication skills and are willing to work across teams. Your focus area has to be aligned with the needs of other squads and external stakeholders. You make your plans transparent, bring stakeholders on board, and are open for feedback and suggestions.. Pragmatism. You are able to take on complex challenges and break them down to achieve tight learning loops: to analyze, design, and build modular solutions, deliver MVPs, gather data and feedback and then progress iteratively.. In the United States, the Base compensation range for this role is $148,505 - $178,206.  Actual compensation may vary based on level, experience, and skillset as assessed in the interview process. Benefits include equity, bonus (if applicable) and other benefits listed . here. .