Software Engineer, Fullstack at Goodnotes

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Software Engineer, Fullstack Goodnotes. We want to make work and study more efficient and enjoyable, by providing the best digital paper solution possible. We plan to be the go-to tool for all forms of notes. Our digital paper and learning ecosystem inspires anyone to take notes, share what they know, collaborate with others, and learn as a community.. Our Values:. Dream big. —Be visionary, strategic, and open to innovation. Build great things. —Work in service of our users, always improving and pushing higher. Take ownership. —Take responsibility with bold decision-making and bias for action. Win like a sports team. —Be trusting and collaborative while empowering others. Learn and grow fast. —Never stop learning and iterate fast. Share our passion. —Share ideas and practice enthusiasm and joy. Be user obsessed. —Empathetic, inquisitive, practical.  . About the team:. You will be part of a distributed team across Europe and Asia, with shared time for collaborative activities such as planning, retros, stand-ups, and brainstorming sessions. The team is building a Marketplace for tens of millions of active users to purchase various digital stationary and learning materials, including notebook templates, stickers, and exam prep resources. Additionally, we manage the infrastructure that supports Goodnotes’ in-app purchases and subscription services. . You will use a broad and modern tech stack with:. Programming Language: We use TypeScript for Frontend. Our backend services are written in TypeScript and Kotlin.. Frameworks and Libraries: We use React/Redux and WebAssembly.. Monitoring and Logging: We are currently using Datadog for monitoring and logging. Metrics are collected across our agents, taken from the logs using metric filters, and updated directly from lambda function or the application.. Infrastructure-as-Code: Most of our infrastructure is written with Terraform.. CI/CD: We currently use GitHub Actions for CI, and ArgoCD for CD.. Deployments: We have multiple EKS clusters set up either for Blue/Green rollouts or dedicated feature sets. We are currently updating these clusters using ArgoCD and Atlantis.. Our main databases are MongoDB and a self-managed CockroachDB cluster running on EKS.. We believe in automating ourselves out of our jobs.. About the role:. This is the role for you, if you’re excited to work on the things listed below:. Improve our Content Creator studio . to provide the best experience the creators offering their content on our Marketplace. Rapidly build prototypes/simulations from mockups that can be directly implemented. Create decoupled, interactive web/mobile UIs using JavaScript Frameworks such as React/Redux. Improve rendering performance and memory optimizations to create a performant UX. Perform cross-browser/device testing and optimisation. Support, maintenance and ongoing development for existing applications and projects. Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability. The skills you will need to be successful in the above:. Expertise with TypeScript, Node.js and HTML5. At least 4 years of related working experience, you've made mistakes and learned from it. Expertise in cloud storage, deployment and computing. We use AWS but we’re open to other platform experience. Can ship great quality products efficiently, you follow best practices (CI/CD, automated testing, version control). Strong fundamentals in Computer Science, you know how things work under the hood. Excellent problem-solving, communication, and story-telling skills. At Goodnotes, we want to build a team as diverse as our user base. Even if you don’t meet all the above requirements, you may still be a great fit for the role, so please consider still applying. If you align with our values, are passionate about our product and what you do, we would love to hear from you!. The interview process:. Take-home Assignment: A short online coding skills test on Hackerrank.. Introduction: The Talent Team want to hear more about your background, what you are looking for, and why you’d like to join Goodnotes.. Live coding & Technical interview: A 1-hour live coding call with one of our engineers. This is where you get to see what it would be like working at Goodnotes as well as the chance to ask any engineering questions you may have. Hiring Manager interview: A 1-hour call with your hiring manager. This is the person who will be managing you day to day, working on your growth and development with you as well as support you throughout your career at Goodnotes.. What’s in it for you:. This is a 6-month contract with potential for conversion to a permanent position on other teams/project at the end.. Remote friendly. Flexible working hours and location